“Impossible task”. Dutch Prime Minister apologizes to soldiers from the UN mission in Srebrenica

At a meeting with hundreds of veterans Dutchbat III at Schaarsbergen Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that although the mission in Srebrenica was under a UN mandate, this did not diminish the special responsibility of the Dutch state.

The prime minister emphasized that soldier they are then sent with tasks that “gradually turn out to be impossible.” Rutte cited a lack of military equipment and support.

He also apologized to the former soldier for returning to Dutch they are not well cared for and supported against “unfair criticism”.

Rutte pointed to the full responsibility of the Bosnian Serbs for genocide.

During the ceremony, the soldiers received the bronze medal of honor from the hands minister defense Ollongren’s case.

Massacre at Srebrenica

Srebrenica, located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the war in BiH was the so-called security zone under UN supervision. In July 1995, the Serbian army captured the town and separated the men sheltering there from the women and childrenand then killed more than 8,000 of them.

He considers this crime an act of genocide International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia and the International Court of Justice. It was the largest mass murder committed in Europe after world war II and the bloodiest episode of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which claimed an estimated 100,000 victims.

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