Improved heavy transport from Russia via Storskog – VG

TRAFFIC: There is more trailer traffic than across the Russian border in Storskog.

The sanctions have led to more trailers with goods from Russia to Norway aboard Storskog.

The EU’s fifth sanctions package means trailer drivers from Russia are looking for alternative routes abroad.

At the Norwegian border station Storskog in Sør-Varanger, recently there was more Russian heavy transport than usual.

– Last week there was an abnormal amount of freight traffic over Storskog. In one day, it was recorded that there were 23 cross-border road transportation in one day, according to a letter from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Sør-Varanger Avis.

The customs service confirmed to VG on Tuesday evening an increase in freight traffic over Storskog last week.

– Normal freight traffic in Storskog in the last two years is about 10 trucks a week. On Monday last week, we boarded about 20 trucks, but this has returned to normal over the past few days, wrote Tore Skår, press officer at Customs, in an email to VG late Tuesday.

SCHENGEN BORDER: Storskog is the only point of crossing the Norwegian border with countries outside of the Schengen cooperation.

beer bottle

Items transported across the border include glass bottles for beer, Russian-made prefabricated housings, silicon carbide and quartz concentrate, according to the Sør-Varanger newspaper.

It appears the item was intended for a Norwegian player, Customs wrote in an email to VG.

THE OTHER SIDE: Many trade relations were frozen for Russian companies because of the Ukraine war.

The reason for the increased traffic across Russia’s border in the northeast may be the EU’s fifth package of sanctions as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ministers believe. This round of sanctions will affect Russian and Belarusian transport companies.

Drone photo of the border between Poland and Belarus shows a kilometer-long queue to leave the EU, reports CNN.

– We are now working as quickly as possible to assess how we can introduce this part of the EU’s latest sanctions package into Norwegian law, the ministry wrote, according to the Sør-Varanger newspaper.

To this day, there is no ban on ground transportation of Russia to Norway.

TO EUROPE: Europavei 105 stretches from Kirkenes to Yalta on the Crimean peninsula.

Taking bait from rje

The border crossing at Storskog in Finnmark is Norway’s only border crossing point with Russia.

The Customs Service believes that some goods transported through Storskog are goods that should have passed through rje in stfold.

– The Customs Service considers that some of these freight transports would normally enter Norway via other border crossings, so the increase at Storskog last week does not imply an immediate increase in Russian transport to Norway as a whole, the Customs Service wrote in an email to VG.

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