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In several pools in the Karlovy Vary region, water quality has declined since the start of the season. This is the Skalka water reservoir near Cheb or the Rolava natural pool in Karlovy Vary. Last week, health experts announced a ban on swimming at the Velký rybník near Hroznětín. This follows from the data of the Karlovy Vary Regional Cleaning Station.

Skalka’s water quality has decreased since the second week. All three of the five water quality levels apply there. Hygienists last announced a ban on swimming there in 2019, but they note the water quality is deteriorating there every year. In Jesenice near the Fisherman’s Bastion and at the Václav camp, cleaners have stopped monitoring due to the reconstruction of the guardrail and changes to the shore.

Hygiene experts in the region have announced a ban on swimming so far only in Velký rybník. Samples there revealed high concentrations of cyanobacteria, blooming water and reduced transparency. According to hygiene experts, such polluted water can cause serious health problems for humans. The water in Velká rybník is at risk every year, last year a swimming ban was announced at the end of July. So this year, the water quality is deteriorating even faster.

“Cyanobacteria contain substances harmful to human health (allergens, toxins). The risk of disease increases with prolonged stays in water or repeated baths – from mild acute poisoning manifested by intestinal and stomach problems, headaches, to more serious liver problems. Accidentally ingesting water flowers can also cause serious health damage.” they warn janitor in justifying the prohibition of bathing.

Water blooms and cyanobacteria were already observable at Rolava Karlovy Vary, at all three monitored locations, on the beach, in the wading pool and on the pier.

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