– In this case, it’s illegal – VG

NOT REGISTERED: Aranis Klaas show car is not listed.

The show car that drove into the stands at Bjerke was unmarked. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has not granted any exceptions to motor shows from the registration requirement. The organizers now want to continue the tour in Norway.


Seven people were injured when a show car crashed into the stands during the Klaas Arani Monster Truck Show in Oslo on Sunday. According to the police, everyone is out of danger.

Viewers of the out-of-control BMW video showed that the car was without a license plate. Where the German registration should be, the company name is «Aranis Klaas».

– In that case, it’s illegal. The show has not applied for a dispensation from the Road Traffic Act, senior adviser at the Norwegian Public Road Administration, Anette Hauge, told VG.

Read the response from the organizer’s attorney further in this case.

Can make demands

The Road Traffic Act applies to all use of motorized vehicles, both on roads and in enclosed areas – as well as at private events. All motorized vehicles used must be registered.

– But the Norwegian Public Road Administration may, at its request, grant exemptions from registration obligations, for example with respect to car shows. In such a dispensation we can set conditions, said Hauge.

The condition is that the vehicle is in good technical condition and in good health for its intended use, so that it can be done in a safe and good manner.

The dispensation or non-owner must legally ensure that the vehicle is not used, if not in good condition at all times.

– We can also ask the organizers to have insurance and they must inform the police about the event in advance, the senior adviser said.

– Regarding costs

The organizer’s attorney, Patrick Lundevall-Unger, confirmed that organizer Daniel Klaas did not apply for a dispensation from the Road Traffic Act.

– This is an event in a closed private area. Then they don’t have to ask for a permit to drive unmarked, Lunevall-Unger told VG.

– But the Road Traffic Act also applies to private areas? Then why didn’t he file an exception?

If it is illegal then my client will be charged for this. We only deal with costs. I believe that this is not a problem, said the lawyer.

ORGANIZER: Daniel Klaas in conversation with police right after the incident in Bjerke.

– Total surprise

Both Klaas and the driver were charged after the accident. Klaas was charged with Article 356 of the Criminal Code, which is negligence, thereby endangering the community.

The driver was charged with violating the provisions of the Road Traffic Act regarding attentive and careful driving. To Avisa Oslo, he said that he was very sorry and did not understand what went wrong.

– I was really surprised. It’s the worst day of my life. I don’t know what happened. I’ve been thinking about it every minute since the accident. But I don’t understand how it can happen, said the driver.

He said the motor show went on as usual, until something happened to the car and it ended up inside the barrier tape and into the stands.

– Now I know that no one was seriously injured. I am very relieved and happy about it. I want to tell everyone who was there that I am very sorry, and that I have thought a lot about them. I hope everyone is completely healthy again.

Will continue the tour

The German family business has been putting on shows in Norway for years. They had five shows in Tønsberg and Sandefjord before three weekend shows in Oslo.

Despite the accident, they wanted to travel further to continue the tour. They now have to cancel five shows.

– I have contacted the police to confirm that they can travel to Drammen. “We hope the show can continue as soon as my client is ready,” said Lunevall-Unger.

– Do you think people will come and see the show after seven people were injured less than a week ago?

– I really believe that people will come to the event, said the lawyer, who claimed it was a fantastic show.

To tighten security at future shows, he said Klaas had purchased a 100-meter steel fence.

The distance between the fence and the stands will also be greater than during the show at Bjerke, lawyers pointed out. At that time, only barricades and plastic cones separated the audience from the motor show.

Maintain security

For five seasons through 2019, the Tusenfryd amusement park in southeast Oslo held a “fatigue show” with Italian action team Folco.

In the expansive parking lot, the driver performs deafening maneuvers in front of up to 1,000 spectators three times a day.

TUSENFRYD: There was considerable distance and physical safety between the audience and the motor shows that were shown at Tusenfryd in 2015–2019.

More than three meters separated spectators and vehicles. From the stands, initially two meters to a strong iron fence with a concrete foundation, then one meter to a row of large boulders.

– It’s about ensuring safety, marketing manager at Tusenfryd Erik Røhne Andersen told VG.

The park has made its own safety and risk assessment. They have applied to the Norwegian Public Road Administration for permits and exemptions from registration requirements.

The Norwegian Railways Inspectorate, which approved the installation elsewhere in the park, also took part in assessing the safety of the auto show.

– Security is very important. It should be safe to visit us, Andersen said.

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