“Incredible confidence in Germany”. Jarosław Kaczyński summed up the activities of PO – Wiadomości

During Sunday’s meeting with Gliwice residents, Jarosław Kaczyński pointed out that PiS’s predecessors had put Germany on the line in politics. As he put it, there were situations where German interests were “obviously” placed above those of Poland by the Polish authorities. – Even the shipyard case is an excellent example here. German shipyards survived only because Polish shipyards did not receive adequate aid, he said.

– This power, which was, and I hope not to return, is also great loyal to Germanyin terms of historical policy, in terms of policies related to the tragic Polish-German history – said the president of PiS.

“German decoration demonstratively accepted”

He added that there had been many “fatal moments” in the past, but “none as big as those during World War II.” – Well, this is the policy of forgetting, amnesia, unwillingness to remember – hence the aversion to what he did while my saint was alive. brother memory – it’s quite demonstrative. At the same time, the German decoration was conspicuously received, he said.

As he said, among the decorations received were not only those that did not raise great objections, “but also those that were christened with the name of the Polish eater, Poland’s mortal enemy, creator of the Rapallo treaty, who started the way for the revision of the Treaty of Versailles and, in fact, for the world World War II,” he said.

– The Order of Rathenau was also accepted by Tusk. It was a test – which the Germans used – whether Tusk was ready to agree to everything, because he is a historian, one who certainly knows what orders he received, said the PiS president.

Referring to the reception of the decoration by representatives of previous governments, he noted that “sometimes it was just a pat on the back with orders. – But the main stakeholder himself, namely Tusk, received the bigger tape and could go from here – said United Rights leader.

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PiS leader on “submissive policy towards Russia”

He added that the policy of distant rapprochement “and in fact subordination to Germany also means something else”, that is “it also means the need to pursue a policy of absolute subservience towards Russia.”

He emphasized that this includes not only the gas agreement, but other elements as well. – At some point, they decided that Katyn could not be called genocide, because Putin and his colleagues don’t really like it – he said.

– A certain (Stefan) Niesiołowski, defending Russia, claims that it is not genocide. That is, the killing of 22,000 people. Poland, this is not genocide. Then what is genocide? This is the question my brother in Smolensk wanted to ask. He couldn’t, he said.

PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński meeting with Gliwice residents:


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