Influencer Jirka Král announced the happy news. He and his wife are having twins! –

May 1 is traditionally understood as a holiday of love. And influencer and one of the most famous former Czech YouTubers Jirka Král and his wife chose May 1 as the ideal date to announce the happy news. Their family will grow, and multiply!

Jirka Král, who has an incredible 918k followers on Instagram, and his wife Karolína, who is also an influencer and calls herself little. kao (304 thousand followers), shared the good news.

“Happy Labor Day! We can’t wait till we’re five (+ Spaghetti) #twins”

In a few months, there will be real turmoil in the family, because the eldest son Davidek was born only in June last year. Managing twins and walking toddlers? Hats off, it will take some courage. The famous influencer is even one of four siblings, so we can only guess if their family will expand in the future…

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A family full of influencers

Kao’s mom is a twin, so she can imagine the advantages and disadvantages of double serving in all colors. Her twin was an influencer, she told herself little. moni and she is also a mother.

And the list of influencers in the family doesn’t end there. Jirka Krále’s sister Katka Kvapilíková (née Králová) runs the YouTube channel The World by Katka. And she is also a mother of two small children.

When this extended family gets together for a celebration, the joy is bound to…


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