Influencers are the first to travel the world. Now they sue him for it

The Independent Server notes that major foreign servers such as CNN, Forbes and The New York Times have written about De Pecol in the past. Thanks to her degree, Influencer has worked with many brands and companies, but now it turns out that she may not be the first woman to travel to all countries of the world.

De Pecol is scheduled to hit the milestone in 2017. One of the people who wants to be tried for the entire affair is 87-year-old Audrey Walsworth, who claims she managed to travel the world much earlier. He began his mission in 1969 and reportedly visited all 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. In addition, he visited 327 territories recognized by the Travelers Century Club.

He’s the fastest

However, this did not end the dispute. Walsworth is not said to be the first woman to travel the planet. This is supposed to be Dorothy Pine, born in 1920, who spent decades traveling with her husband. According to the Independent, he visited all the areas on the Travelers Century Club list.

Therefore, the American team Travelers United sued De Pecol and argued that the influenza claim was unfair and misleading. “We hope other nonprofits will join in and file lawsuits,” said Lauren Wolf, the organization’s attorney. The complainants didn’t particularly like the fact that De Pecol made money from his apparently unlawful title through his partnerships with brands and promotional materials.

The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that De Pecol has become the woman who has traveled the fastest of all sovereign nations, in the shortest time. However, he avoided the first word. In late 2018, however, American Taylor Demonbreun took over the title for the fastest tour of any country in the world.

Several travelers, who also managed to travel through all the recognized countries of the world, allegedly tried to persuade De Pecol not to interpret false information. He allegedly did not write their report.

“This lawsuit is simply an attack on me and my services,” the influencer answered a question from the Washington Post. He wanted to defend himself against the accusations.

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