Is his name even Santos? Members of Congress are caught in a web of lies

Everyone in the United States knows his name. Republican Congressman George Santos has become one of the top topics for American comedians and television commentators. Almost every day, the American media exposes new lies that newly appointed members of the House reveal to the world. And some can’t be trusted. The party leadership was still standing behind him.

Already in the first week, when Santos sat in the House of Representatives for the district in New jerseys, he was found to have lied about his previous education and employment. The 34-year-old politician describes himself as a successful Wall Street entrepreneur who attended prestigious schools. None of this is true.

“George Santos was the first politician to realize that because we all live in our media bubble, he can pretend to be everything to voters of both parties and no one will notice.” she is shiny American comedian Bill Maher.

In his opinion, this could explain why a big supporter of Donald Trump who he says participated in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2020, questioned the validity of the presidential election and surrounded himself with right-wing advisers. won in the traditional Democratic constituency.

For example, Santos falsely claimed that his maternal grandparents fled Ukraine before the Holocaust. In fact, they were born in Brazil, and only later did he admit that, on the contrary, he was brought up in a Catholic family. When he was accused of not telling the truth about his Jewish origins, he told the conservative Fox News station that he wasn’t actually lying because he only identified himself as “Jewish”, loosely translated as “something like a Jew”.

He also tweeted that his mother was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 9, 2001, although the New York Times revealed that he wasn’t even living in the United States at the time, according to immigration documents.

For the rights of LGBTQ+ people

Last October, Santos returned in an interview for news USA Today commented on the orientation. “I am openly gay and I have never had a problem with my sexuality in the last ten years. I can assure you that I will become an advocate for LGBTQ+ people,” he claims. But it was later revealed that he had a wife, whom he divorced in 2019, just weeks before the start of his then failed first election campaign.

While he still supports the LGBTQ+ community, he actively supports laws that oppose it, such as Florida’s “Don’t say gay” law, which prohibits any mention of sexual minorities in high schools in the state.

Photos of Santos seen in a red women’s dress, with make-up and long hair also attracted a lot of attention. The photos were provided to the American media by old friends from Brazil, who remembered that the politician appeared as a transvestite fifteen years ago. Politicians make similar claims at first categorically rejectedbut last week when asked by reporters, he said: “I’m still young and I want to have fun at the festival.”

Collection for sick dogs

Last week, the Republican congressman was also accused of raising three thousand dollars (nearly 66 thousand crowns) from an online fundraiser intended to save a sick aid dog whose owner is Richard Osthoff, a disabled and homeless military veteran.

Although Santos called “reports that he would let a dog die … shocking and insane”, he did not explicitly deny it. Osthoff claims he didn’t get any money, and that’s why his dog died without proper care, the radio station reported. NPR.

“He didn’t just steal assistance dogs. He didn’t just steal dying assistance dogs. He stole disabled homeless veterans dying assistance dogs. For Christ’s sake!” fretted Leslie Jones, host of The Daily Show.

“What must that person do to get kicked out of Congress?” he asked. “He’s a fucking liar.” The newly elected DPR members, who not only deceived voters, also rebelled dozens his peers, but the Republican leadership is behind Santos and on Tuesday he was elevated to two committee.

House Republican boss for the station CNN admitted that he always had some questions about Santos’ past, but that he wanted to sort them out internally. He also added that he had discussed with him, for example, the incident in which Santos’ aide was caught impersonating McCarthy’s chief of staff and soliciting campaign contributions.

Republicans now hold a very narrow ten-seat majority in the House, and if Santos resigns and a runoff election is held in New Jersey, there’s a good chance the Democratic candidate will win the seat. And the party leadership doesn’t want to admit that.

“Santos is a perfect example of Republican decline,” According to him is political consultant Stuart Stevens, author of a book explaining how former president Donald Trump took control of the party. “Nobody even knows who he is. We really don’t know his real name,” he said, referring to the fact that until four years ago, Santos had publicly introduced himself as Anthony Devolder, a combination of his middle name and his mother’s maiden name. Name.

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