Is it being said that Hitler should be saved face?

Unity is very important today. It is imperative that NATO speaks with one voice, that the EU speaks with one voice, and that the sixth package of sanctions is adopted. Some countries completely ignore warnings that Russia is fighting for hegemony,” President Andrzej Duda said on the TVP Info program, referring to his speech to the Ukrainian parliament.

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Our voices were completely ignored. We can all see what happened. Russia just attacks Ukraine, takes off its mask, shows its face, doesn’t take anyone into account. (…) He attacked by citing outrageous propaganda claims about some Nazis, which made no sense. They also call us Nazis, which is complete bullshit

– she says.

I wonder if during World War II anyone said that Hitler should be allowed to save face. (…) Somehow I don’t remember there being such a sound

The president took notes.

Now, when Russia is killing people in Ukraine, destroying housing, we suddenly hear that Putin needs to be saved. On what basis? This person should be arrested for crimes committed in Ukraine!

– he emphasized.

Outrageous words from Western politicians

President Andrzej Duda also referred to the words of Henry Kissinger, Silvio Berlusconi and Emmanuel Macron, who postulated concessions to Putin.

I’m having a hard time understanding these sounds. international legal norms must be respected. Ukraine must return to its internationally recognized borders

– he shows.

Russia must withdraw from Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders. He had to give up Lugansk, Donetsk and Crimea! (…) If the war is going to end, it is necessary to return to international law

– added.

Referring to statements made by several Western politicians, he emphasized:

If leaders talk like this about Putin, either they don’t understand what they are saying or they don’t think the attack will happen in their country. I think they underestimated the taste of the Russian empire, and Russia has such a habit that when it sees no resistance and no firm reaction, it sees it as approval for further action.

As he noted:

Today, Ukraine must be supported in every way. (…) You must support those who are fighting to defend Ukraine by sending aid to them, including military aid.

The President reminded of the sanctions.

So as to bring Russia to order and force it to comply with international law, to obtain peace and peace

– he shows.

Military and energy security

For me, the most important thing is the safety of Poland

– he emphasized.

He reminded about the diversification of gas supply.

It turns out that there is gas in Poland, because we guarantee energy security. (… _) This security guarantee works. Many countries look at us with envy. They didn’t think that when Putin turned off the Polish gas tap, Poland would handle it

– Andrzej Duda noticed.

The president also referred to the Davos talks.

Everyone gets the impression that this interest is guaranteed. This interest is well secured so we will soon be able to help others

– said the guest “Wiadomości”.

This is a well-executed policy

– added.

Sweden and Finland in NATO

Referring to the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, the president said:

This is an important moment to close the east wing.

As he added:

Putin did not expect his actions to lead to this. This is the failure.

The President once again emphasized:

My goal is to strengthen the security of Poland and this strengthening is real. (…) Atlantic relations are very important.

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