It seeks authenticity but not authenticity. The BeReal Network wants to see us canceled

It is said that today’s man has two personalities – one physical and another that he displays online on social media. That we’re in a bad mood, had a bad day, had a bad haircut or just had a fight with our partner, you don’t really want to post it online. She uploads photos to Instagram only at a time when she reconciles with her lover and studies accordingly. Ideally, the picture will be taken during the golden hour and from the right angle. The BeReal app has been battling such unauthenticity on social networks for two years.

French company whose value corresponds to the server Business Insider estimation for six hundred million US dollars (14.2 billion crowns), allowing you to share one photo experience per day. No longer.

The app notifies the person daily that it’s time to document. He had two minutes to photograph what he was doing. You won’t find any filters here. Both the front and rear cameras take photos simultaneously, resulting in a combination of selfies and photos that are in front of the phone. After twenty four hours, the post was deleted and started again. Connecting with friends is also common, so you can see what other people are doing.

The joke is that you don’t know in advance when the notification will arrive, so you can’t pre-set the scene and you have no choice but to be original. At least in theory. The network wants to convince users that even their unkempt selves in pajamas with dark circles under their eyes are attractive. And if not, that’s okay, we’re all together.

The contributions of others also serve as motivation to engage on a daily basis. If you don’t take a picture, you will only see a blurry image. It’s not that you can’t add a picture of the day after two minutes have passed. If you create what is called BeReal later, or after the umpteenth attempt, a notification will appear that you have done so. This is visible to all your friends who can comment and react to the photo. At that point, expect a flurry of jokes about what you’re doing for two minutes, because that’s definitely something fishy. you just don’t “real.”

According to University student Charles Eliška Krátká, the fact that there is no need to add an image immediately after notification is somewhat paradoxical: “It doesn’t actually force me to post at the right time, so I don’t have much desire to do it right away. That way, everyone can take fancy photos of him doing something interesting.” Kratka said.

Photo: MockUPhone/CzechCrunch

BeReal . social networking environment

And what experiences can you see through BeReal? The author’s personal experience can be summed up like this – full of photos of people sitting at desks with laptops open in front of them. Regardless of whether the notification from BeReal comes at nine in the morning or at night. “I usually roll around somewhere in photos,” Krátká’s students confirmed that impression.

In addition, the application saves all your creations in a calendar that is only available to you. You can count yourself how many photos you took of something interesting in the last week or month. Then, when you snap a photo of yourself lying in bed for the umpteenth day in a row, you wonder what the point is.

Boring, gray, routine, but maybe that’s about it. The app, which is trying to be the opposite of tinsel-filled Instagram, is gaining traction, and at the end of June it was the most downloaded free app on the App Store in the US for a week. It has even outperformed China’s TikTok which has recently grown rapidly. In total, it has been downloaded by more than seven million people since its launch in 2020. About thirty-five percent of BeReal users are Americans, seventeen percent are British and ten are French. Nearly three million people use this app every day. However, last year, there were only ten thousand regular users.

The history of the Internet has shown time and time again that people’s creativity always finds its way in new things. BeReal is no exception. People have started using a combination of smartphone front and rear camera footage to create memes in addition to real photos. They hilariously cover not only current events, but also references to popular culture.

You will not find ads in the app yet. In terms of usage it is written that “Users may not use BeReal for advertising and commercial purposes.” The company currently receives all of its income through investments and in April earned about thirty million dollars (711.2 million crowns), which was invested in it by, among others, the well-known investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, which recently supported a new project one of the co-founder of WeWork’s startup.

BeReal, which bets on the authenticity of its users, is paradoxically not the original. The app, which combines photography with the front and back cameras of smartphones, was created in 2013. But the Frontback network only operated for two years, during which it attracted hundreds of thousands of users, including actor Ashton Kutcher and the former prime minister of Belgium. , but eventually ceased operations in 2015. At the same time, its creators turned down an offer from Twitter, which wanted to buy the app for about forty million dollars (969 million crowns).

Like all apps skyrocketing these days, it’s unclear how long BeReal’s popularity will last. If you want to give him a chance, of course clean your house and study. Or not.

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