It’s a shame the Luft is seeking a bill from Israel for war losses

On the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński presented German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier with a full version of a report on Poland’s losses from the German occupation during World War II and a publication devoted to the loss of culture. This displeased Krzysztof Luft, who used the situation to attack.

Report war losses to the President of Germany

On the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the head of the Ministry, Piotr Gliński, together with the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, visited the exhibition “Memory 1943” in Kordegarda Warsaw. During the meeting, the deputy prime minister presented to the German president “Report on the losses suffered by Poland as a result of German aggression and occupation during World War II 1939-1945”.

I submit to the President the full version of the report on Polish losses due to German aggression and occupation during World War II in English. This is very important to us for many reasons. We look forward to starting a dialogue with Germany on this

– stressed Deputy Prime Minister Gliński.


— Deputy Prime Minister Gliński submits a Polish war loss report to the German President! “We look forward to starting dialogue with Germany”

— “GW” describes wild Pisces who, instead of kissing the Germans in a spirit of reconciliation, hand over some reports to their president

— Absurd article in “GW” about the “profanation” of ghetto uprising commemorations. There is an answer: “The Germans need to be reminded until they succeed”

Luft’s theory of the absurd

Krzysztof Luft did not like the fact that reports on Polish losses were submitted to the German president.

Mr @PiotrGlinski, did the president of Israel also send you yesterday an invoice with a list of properties expropriated by Poland after several hundred thousand ghetto residents were killed and several million Jews from other Polish towns and villages? Because I didn’t realize it

Luft wrote on Twitter.

Internet user comments

Twitter users rushed to Lufotwi’s aid, showing how wrong it was.

But the complex spoke through this man. Instead of the killer, he reprimands his victims. I feel disgusted when I read such condescending entries towards foreigners. Property without inheritance rights, as he wrote about it, belonged to the State Treasury, because the deceased were citizens of Poland, and such inheritance rules apply both before the war and today. The State of Israel had no basis for claiming it, because it did not exist at all at the time, and therefore the dead could not even become citizens of its state.

– wrote Sebastian Kaleta.

Luft did not know that: 1. Those killed were Polish citizens. 2. They have nothing to do with the state of Israel because it does not exist. 3. How stupid…

State of the Polish intelligentsia – the state of Israel is not the legal heir of Polish citizens in the Polish Second Republic – there is no legal basis for having the right to apply for inheritable property rights after the Holocaust victims – by law, it passes to the commune of residence .

And you, Mr. Deputy, know that the owner of this real estate is a citizen of Poland, not Israel, and throughout the civilized world, real estate without inheritance rights is transferred to the treasury of state or local governments, don’t you think?

And what is Israel’s right to the property of the Jewish Polish citizen killed by the Germans?

Let’s say you don’t know history without saying you don’t know history. Country A bills Country B for the deaths of Country B’s citizens caused by Country C… Triple Axel with Telemark.

Mr Luft, invoices for “several hundred thousand murdered ghetto residents and several million Jews from other Polish towns and villages” had been issued by Israel to Germany. And Germany has done it. Who are you an advocate for? Because Poland of course not!

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