It’s not just worry and uncertainty. The year 2023 can also bring surprising good news

According to the Chinese horoscope, the year of the Water Rabbit awaits us. After many stressful years, it will bring more peace and time for your own plans. The rabbit is a sign of sensitivity and tenderness, creative strength and psychological balance and a noble struggle against injustice.

Dear readers will surely think by now that the author has gone mad. After all, it’s enough to look at the election schedule, or even just look at January in the Czech Republic, and it’s obvious. Before us is the presidential round of the long-term referendum on Babiš. Seven countries, including Poland and Spain, are awaiting regular elections from EU countries, and from non-EU countries, for example Turkey or Ukraine defending. Logically, we don’t know about the possibility of early elections yet, but someone really knocked down Slovakia’s doors. So no comfort.

But what if this time the Chinese horoscope turns out to be correct? No, we don’t want to be naive or unrealistic, we can only imagine the confluence of circumstances that would make the 23rd year of the 21st century a little better. It could all start with a less harsh winter than meteorologists have said so far and from the ausgerechnet which is now also registered in the Czech basin.

Czech septet 2023 or What could happen

This time, especially those who do not want to be ashamed of their president will come to the Czech presidential election. They would therefore select someone who was able to deliver solid speech in Czech and English and who would not chuck sand into the constitutional gears but would knock them adequately with regular wheel maintenance and lightly grease them as needed.

A fair trial, and we deliberately do not say for what purpose, will end the Sparrow’s Nest case.

Favorable circumstances will give the government the peace to actually begin implementing reform programs, particularly in the areas of public finance, pensions and education. At the same time, he did not forget about defense.

During this year, the construction of a high-speed rail line will begin, which will begin a real modernization of our economy. It will start for the first time in the Přerov–Ostrava section, Prague–Poříčany–Kolín respectively.

We will celebrate the thirty years of independence of the Czech Republic with dignity, because this is an era that, despite all our laments, is objectively the most successful phase of our modern history.

By the same grace, we will remember one hundred years of mostly high-quality public radio broadcasts, and on top of that, the members of the board of Czech Television, including the author of this commentary, will vote for the best CEO for the next six years. .

In addition, from January 2023 to May 2024, no regular elections await us. Hooray!

All good news

It’s also unlikely that the most important election ends well, or at least satisfactorily. In Poland, he will defend Prime Minister Morawiecki, who has rocked the rest of Europe more than once this year. Moreover, Poland’s pro-Western opposition would be so strong and united that it would effectively control it.

Proponents of Ukrainian aid and sensible policies will also prevail in Estonia, Finland, which will essentially advance on its way to NATO, and in Greece, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Spain, which will stave off disintegration and send delirious leftists into the abyss. history of Podemos.

Even miracles can happen

There will be no more fighting in Ukraine and the war scene will be quickly rebuilt. And free to choose.

Elections in Nigeria, Thailand, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan will not end in bloodshed, state collapse or economic disruption. Those in Burma will end the military dictatorship and genocide of the Rohingya.

Fair elections will bring about peaceful changes in Turkey. The authoritarian Islamist Erdoğan will be replaced by someone who will not be cowed by a stronger stance on the Kremlin and who will face disruption to Turkey’s economy. In particular, one of the leaders of the Kemalist opposition – İmamoğlu, Yavaş or Kılıçdaroğlu.

Lastly, our eastern brothers will prevent a catastrophic return of Roberto Fico to the seat of Prime Minister.

The last scenario seems the most unrealistic. Let alone the fact that our boys will bring gold from the May hockey championships in Tampere and Riga.

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