Its over! Ostrava is no longer friends with Volgograd and Donetsk –

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OSTRAVA – The Ostrava City Council decided to terminate the partnership agreement with the cities of Donetsk and Volgograd this week. The reason was the violent actions of the troops of the Russian Federation against the independent state of Ukraine.

“The attitude of the leadership of the two cities to the ongoing Russian aggression is such that, in principle, it no longer provides the prerequisites for continuing and further deepening of the partnership with Ostrava,” stressed the mayor of Ostrava, Tomáš Macura.

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According to the management of the city of Ostrava, breaking a long-term partnership agreement is always an extreme step that no one can please. In the case of the city of Volgograd, which suffered heavy civilian losses during World War II and became a symbol of the war against fascism, this is true.

“Therefore, after the start of the Russian invasion, I first approached the mayor of Volgograd, Vladimir Marchenko, and asked him to intervene with members of the Russian government to end the aggression and restore peace. However, in a written reply, he completely avoided judging the Russian invasion of Ukraine. and personally refuses to intervene in the requested matter, “the mayor of Ostrava explained the facts.

The partnership agreement between Ostrava and Donetsk, which at that time belonged to Ukraine, was signed on January 29, 2009 in order to establish business, economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation.

The partnership agreement between Ostrava and Stalingrad in 1949 was the first partnership agreement the city made with a foreign city. He was then motivated by efforts to express gratitude for the liberation of the city by the Red Army.

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