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In a meeting Friday (17 March) with residents of Bytom, Donald Tusk was asked, among other things, for the reparations from Germany demanded by Poland. The question was asked by a man whose ancestors, he said, were sent to hard labor. The questioner accused PO politicians of making fun of the reparations effort. Tusk replied that he was not speaking ironically about reparations and not laughing about it, but he was laughing at the current government’s move on the matter, and his party supported the first resolution on reparations years ago. – I know that if PiS sends Mularczyk to arrange repairs, PiS knows very well that nothing will come of it – said the leader of the PO.

In discussion with the man who asked the question, Tusk expressed doubt as to why he should accept reparations at all. “You said it wasn’t even about you getting this repair.” From what kind of prison will he get war reparations, sir – the PO leader turned to the man. Tusk also announced that if he were to some extent in charge of the future government, the benefits would be made from Germany in the interests of the surviving Poland, a victim of German aggression during World War II. – I think it can be played and won; that’s all you need to do,” he said.

Speak Tusk at Monday’s “Rozmowie Dnia” at TVP3 Łódź Deputy Prime Minister Gliński. – This is how managers take things that are really important and serious. The reason, Mr Chairman, is that the man who asked him is a member of the Polish community. And the Polish political, cultural and national community suffered from a terrible crime from Germany, which deprived us of all the opportunities for development for many years. What causes us to lose enormous cultural and material resources, as well as development opportunities, our future generations are missing – emphasized the Head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Deputy Prime Minister Gliński argued that the United Right government was the first Polish government to approach the issue of reparations in a “professional and appropriate manner”. He said, it started with scientific analysis and elaboration of reports for five years.

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According to Gliński, also because of the political wrongs committed in the Third Polish Republic, including those of Donald Tusk, Poland developed in a dependent way on Germany. – It was not us who sold the Polish shipyards, but the current opposition. It is not for us to exclude Poland’s development possibilities by making arrangements with our western neighbors on dependent development. It was not us who agreed to such a subordinate role for Poland. We have always said that Poland must build its own strength, both economically and militarily, he added.

He stressed that without a sovereign policy, Poland would not have the opportunity to develop. We don’t want to go to Germany. asparagus, we don’t want to build an airport in Berlin, but in Poland, because we need it here in Poland – he said.

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