It’s time to reconsider Norway’s relationship with the EU

  • Thyra Håkonsløkken (16)

    Co-leader, Innlandet Unge Venstre

Image shows the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In Norway, no one under 46 was asked for their opinion on EU membership. It’s not democratic.

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It’s been 28 years since the previous one referendum on Norway’s EU membership. Since then, we never argued about our relationship with Europe and European Union.

Today we experience a changing Europe. Norway must engage and influence through Norway’s EU membership.

Ensuring peace

The European Union was formed to promote cooperation between European countries after World War II. None of the EU countries have been at war with each other since cooperation began. Member states have stood together to maintain peace and develop European cooperation.

After the Russian invasion, Ukraine has applied for EU membership. They want to connect more strongly with Europe.

When we have a non-peaceful dictator like Russian President Vladimir Putin on our own continent, it is important for us in Norway and other peaceful democracies to work together. That the union won 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, stressed the importance of the European Union for peace.

Norway must join and apply for full EU membership.

Necessary to achieve climate goals

Other major relevant issues to be highlighted in the debate. EU has agreed on ambitious climate goalsand they have concrete too climate control to achieve this.

To reduce emissions and enter a green shift, we need more cooperation, not less. We in Europe and especially we in Norway have been liberated extreme amounts of greenhouse gases. Therefore, we have an extra big responsibility to reduce emissions and readjust. The European Union is thus ideal. Because we cannot solve the climate crisis alone.

New people, new polls

Since the last EU referendum, people may have changed their minds. 28 new cohorts have been granted the right to vote, and many thoughts are not heard.

Most importantly, we need to join Norway in the EU to solve problems within and across national borders and for a stronger democracy.

The cooperation we have with the EU today, EEA Agreement, has benefited Norway more than any other collaboration. But sadly it is undemocratic.

Gotta stand in the hallway

The EEA Agreement does not provide voting rights in European Parliament, but implies that we must follow the rules adopted. So when other member states adopt issues for the rest of Europe, Norway as an EEA member has to stand in the way without the opportunity to vote.

EU membership will provide us with the exact same benefits as we have obtained through the EEA. If we become a member of the EU, we will also have the right to vote in the European Parliament and the opportunity to shape policy.

It is time to reconsider Norway’s relationship with the EU. No one under the age of 46 is allowed to take part in severing our relationship with the EU. The fact that so many are not allowed to decide must be changed immediately. We must fully open the debate for Norway’s EU membership.

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