Jacek Bartosiak on the new geopolitical order. “We already have a scalable world war” [RAPORT ZŁOTOROWICZA]

He spoke about the security system in the Baltic Sea in light of the attack on Nord Stream 2, China’s influence in Europe, the new geopolitical order taking shape in Europe and in the world, and whether a return to normal relations between the West and Russia is still possible. Złotorowicz Report” Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, geopolitics expert, author of geopolitics books and founder and head of the Strategy & Future think tank.

Jacek Bartosiak in “Złotorowicz Report”: We’ve had a scalable world war

The war in Ukraine has completely changed the balance of power in Europe and the world. Will the United States be the sole leader in the new geopolitical order? How will they react to it China? If German And France easily give up their position in Europe? Where is Poland in all this? He answered these questions inZłotorowicz report” Jan Złotorowicz, first deputy editor-in-chief of “Super Express”, dr Jacek Bartosiak, geopolitics and security expert, author of the book “The best place in the world. Where East meets West”, founder and head of think tank Strategy&Future. Bartosiak explained the world’s current geopolitical situation. in his opinion, we are dealing with a scalable world war.

I have written the text before, and it is also mentioned in my book we are already dealing with a scalable world warbecause when you read the meeting minutes of Hitler and his ministers, including the finance minister from the 1930s, they identified the economic sanctions of the League of Nations, which they feared, with the equivalent of a naval blockade, which they remembered from World War I and which starved Germany . AND for mainland Eurasia, this American talk of economic sanctions is already war – explains Dr. Bartosiak in “Złotorowicz Report”.

Is it possible to return to normal relations with Russia?

Jan Złotorowicz asked Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, is it still possible to return to normal relations with Russia, or have we passed this tipping point definitively and by starting the war in Ukraine, Russia has changed the geopolitical order in the world forever?

It is very difficult for me to answer this question as a Polish person, because I want them to be impossible, for Russia to be permanently removed from the European system. For the West to oppose it. Let’s be avant-gardebecause it would serve our interests – Polish interests. Be it in the Euro-Atlantic formula, with America, or even in the federal, European formulaif Germany will become the center of the European empire, but Russia will be outside it – says Dr. Jacek Bartosiak in “Złotorowicz Report”.

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