Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Lamecha Girma

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THAT it’s only been a few weeks since Jakob Ingebrigtsen said he’s chased all the world records from 1,500 meters to 10,000 meters. Therefore, not on ambition, but then quickly disappeared:

  • With a stunning 1500m victory during last night’s Diamond League encounter in Lausanne, Jakob received yet another confirmation that he is on his way to a historically high level.

Now the young Norwegian is superb at his favorite distance, and with 3.28.72 easily outperforms the equally old Ethiopian Lamecha Girma.

Even after the week-long training sessions leading up to the WC in August and possibly a record attempt in Poland in a few weeks, Jakob has enough pace to decide things from the front.

Very impressive against the strong Girma.

In fact, he could quickly become a runner that Jakob had to beat at several distances in order to reach the goal of many world records.

FIGHT between the two should be the biggest during this Diamond League convention. These two 22-year-old athletes will dominate international athletics for years to come:

That made him a formidable opponent for longer distances, although he stood no chance as Jakob pulled away from the lead with 150 meters to go.

– Very tasty!

SIMULTANEOUSLY there is no doubt about the good development of the Norwegians:

I have taken another step this yearhe told NRK right after the win, and was clearly pleased with how well he was doing despite the tough training session leading up to the competition.

After a shocking loss in the sprint in WC last year, this season Jakob has clearly been the best at every start. Now he is systematically running away from his rivals at the front.

LAMECHA GIRMA keep coming up with something special. It’s only a few weeks since he dropped one of athletics’ old records; 7.53.63 was set by former Kenyan Saif Saaeed Shaheen 19 years ago.

In other words, another super time occurred in the darkest era of athletics when doping was flowing among long distance runners.

Being in a questionable company

Being in a questionable company

HOWEVER Lamecha Girma in top form had little difficulty lowering the world record in the 3000 meter hurdles by one and a half seconds to 7.52.11. During the Diamond League event in Paris, he ran alone at the front for the last few laps, wasting time by constantly turning to see if anyone was following.

Nobody’s coming. That’s how strong this Ethiopian is after running in four-year-old Moroccan shadows for so long Soufiane El Bakkali at a distance.

That balance of power may have shifted by now. This season, with her two world records, Girma has surpassed El Bakkali and moved up to tenth on the list of the best track and field athletes regardless of sport. Ingebrigtsen was there number 6 before tonight’s win.

Much better are the super shoes

Much better are the super shoes

FOR Younger middle and long distance runners like Jakob Ingebrigtsen and his new Ethiopian rival Lamecha Girma are clearly improving, and are being helped by new shoes that are more efficient in chasing old, dubious records.

How much of this assistance amounted to at the time is uncertain. When talk about the most heated shoe revolution two years ago, athletes spoke from one to three seconds in 1500 meters. It depends on how the individual manages to utilize the new material.

WITHOUT CARE shoes mean you run a lot faster. It is mirrored on all levels.

In the United States and Britain, the British mile (1,609 meters) took on cultural significance after the 4-minute mark was broken by Roger Bannister in 1954.

Sports website Track & Field News later login every American who is the first time it ran under 4 minutes. Initially there were several. Then the numbers increased when the gravel was replaced with a better track surface.

Nevertheless, this number on the honor list is no more than10 players per previous year in 1991, and above 20 new athletes in that season until the end of 2012.

FIRST In 2021, track tires and equipment got so good that 35 athletes broke the 4-minute record, but then came the super shoes. Then the level explodes:

  • In 2022, all managed 63 runners to pass these historic mile levels. And in April of this year, the number of new sub-4-minute runners has equaled.

So there’s no doubt that something decisive has happened to the quality of the shoes of Jakob Ingebrigtsen and the rest of the world’s elite.

THAT the same goes for the quality of doping tests. As an Ethiopian, Lamecha Girma comes from one of the most suspicious of athletic nations. Last week at the latest seven new runners were taken for what appears to be EPO abuse, and three pharmacy outlets have closed. Now the Ethiopian doper is also risking civil court for sports fraud.

Due to the high risk of doping, World Athletics placed Ethiopia in the so-called “category A”. That is, the athletes from there must have at least three independent tests outside the conventions to be able to take part in major competitions.

Therefore, Lamecha Girma’s extraordinary development will be followed by athletic doping hunters i Athletic Integrity Unit when he would chase a new world record with Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

This is a good basis for a duel that will last for many years at most.

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