Jan Koller: I have a heart problem. I’m not the feared shooter anymore

In an interview with Deník, he spoke, among other things, about what goals he considers the most beautiful and why he no longer goes to aerial combat.

One of the goals, such as Jan Koller’s balance of the fall part of the season. I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s not enough for you, is it?
It’s not fun. Every year is known, moreover, when the boys run out of their opponents… I have to accept the fact that I don’t get many more chances. Actually, I’m fine with that. I do not mind. I’m not the dreaded shooter I used to be.

Wait, you don’t want to score anymore?
I wouldn’t say I didn’t want to give them. On the other hand, I don’t really like attacking, I prefer to be a midfielder.

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And sometimes the goalkeeper. I noticed that you stood at the gate in one match. What caused you to do this?
You’re right. That causes two things. First of all, I have health issues with my heart, so I saved myself and I didn’t even start that much in the fall. And second, we lost a goalkeeper.

It ended in a 4:1 victory over the Rocks, confirming that you are truly universal. Did you trick your opponent or save you?
A few bullets hit me, it’s no coincidence. Besides, I have to be self-critical, I was able to catch up with the goals that were collected. It was a shot from behind sixteen that they went into the match.

And they celebrate that they scored for Jan Koller?
Yes for a while, but I don’t think they should remember it for long. Plus, they lost (smiles).

Please introduce the Smetana Lhota team. I see you have about forty players, but not many substitutes for the game. Why is it?
We’re gluing it down. We didn’t train for a week, we just met for the game. We certainly have no ambition to move forward. We are an average team. We don’t even have youth. And now consider that there are three older players in the squad than me. I saw how they were. So when we have day, young people have no chance.

Will you at least meet after the beer match?
That’s right again. We have a clubhouse in the cabin, so we often turn on the TV, watch football and chat. About Sparta, for example.

Are there more Spartans on the team?
It used to be better, now the situation is balanced. As the Slavs began to prosper, their numbers grew.

Tomáš Holeš (right) during the derby with Sparta

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Are you in good shape in Smetana Lhota?
So I can’t say one bad word here. The mayor loves football. We did some special events here and there, we had a team of old veterans, who already covered half of the aces. This is how I imagined that the locals, who had ties to the village, played for the club.

Your brother and nephew are also in the club.
My brother doesn’t play anymore. But I sometimes kick his son. Gen Koller will not be denied there. The older one is even taller than me. So when we got together, we were both taller than the entire opposing team (laughs).

Not only do you have a great jump because of the height, you are also able to give the balloon a lot of power. Are you still scaring defenders?
No longer. I’m saving, I want balloons on the ground. I don’t jump, I don’t go into head fights. And because of that heart.

Now tell me: tpán Kacafírek scored 47 goals in III in the fall. class and earn the title of Gunner of the Diary, for there is no better striker in the whole country. How would you comment on that?
Hats off, that’s really a lot. I know him, he plays for Janovice somewhere near Kutná Hora (note aut.: ervené Janovice). They have quality, they brought other former professionals there. Playing against them must be a severe punishment.

Football player tpán Kacafírek.

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In addition to active activities, you are now also an official, you have joined the executive committee of the district union in Písek. Are you that bothered by conditions in Czech football?
I believe that step by step it will improve. Let me give you an example: it used to be almost a rule that games were played and sold at the end of the season. No longer. At least I speak for Písek. We have fun here.

And were you surprised by the pieces that appeared? Corruption doesn’t seem like just a second league.
I wonder how much has been arranged and how far has come. How spoiled football is. I would even say we have mass here. Now I just hope the drenched club and people will be punished properly.

Have you ever known during your career that the game was, frankly, weird?
The last time I played in the Czech Republic was in 1996. When I came back… Well, I was surprised at how things worked here. But now it’s better. At least here for our district, I can lay my hands on the fire. In the past, matches were held in late spring, not now. Many teams are more concerned with defending the football, not the competition.

Most goals in one game
Vladimír micer and Milan Baro looked behind Jan Koller. And not only in the number of national goals. The two-yard chase also dominates the rest of the stats: he has scored the most goals in a single game. This happened in 2006 against Macedonia, when the net rippled four times. The pair “only” have a hat-trick on their account – micer featured against the United Arab Emirates, Baro helped destroy San Marino.

Let’s move on to a better topic. Which goal do you remember the most?
Hard to say, there is. I especially liked those important events, the World Cup, the Euros. Of course the first goal in the national team. And then a goal in the qualifying round against Scotland. We lost 0:2 for a long time, we managed to equalize and I scored the winning goal in the 90th minute. And then the goal, after that Dortmund and I celebrated the title.

You are the Czech national team’s best goalscorer. Have you ever scored more than four goals for Macedonia in every game?
As far as I remember, nothing more, maybe at Sparta B in the third league.

Did you know that now that you are written about abroad, it is also nicknamed the “Czech destroyer”?
I didn’t pay attention to that.

But it will be fun.
To be honest. I’m lucky to have great teammates. It’s no coincidence that Milan Baro and I are the best. Fantastic passes from others to remember.

You mention Dortmund and the goal means the title. I personally get stuck in the memory of the UEFA Cup final against Feyenoord Rotterdam. You work the ball on the back of your lime and immediately hit it on the gallows.
It was probably my best goal, given the way he played and was quite unusual. You’re right, he did. It wasn’t enough, he just corrected the result and we lost the final.

This year will be twenty years since you score against Bayern and not score. Do people often ask that?
Less now. Usually when there is a jubilee or the absence of the goalkeeper is greeted. Or once, it appeared at the most historic moments. It is rare in such a heated struggle when it is clear that he is fighting for the title.

You are still the best Czech shooter in Germany. You have scored 61 goals there. Will Patrik Schick (now 39) beat you, do you think?
If he stays in the Bundesliga, he will beat me. And maybe not only there.

Patrick Schick

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Do you want him to move from Leverkusen?
Obviously, I agree with the speculation about Bayern Munich, but only if Robert Lewandowski leaves. Patrik could replace him beautifully, he was sure, they had a similar style. Now just to get well soon and get fit.

I still want to ask about your film. Premiere postponed from February to August due to coronavirus?
Appropriate. April is still possible, but all the world’s films will return to theaters. The agency recommended that we postpone it until August, so August 11. At least the accompanying events will be carried out well. There must be an exhibition.

Have you seen each other on the screen?
The raw version is . And it’s not about me, I want people to like it.

The best shooter in the history of the Czech national team
Jan Koller 55 goals
Milan Baro 41 goals
Vladimir micer 27 goals
Tomáš Rosický 23 goals
Pavel Kuka 23 goals

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