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Dear readers, this text is addressed to all of you who roam our world, you ask why me, why fate has punished me so much, you are afraid of what will happen next and you fall into despair. Believe me, I want to encourage you, to show that if you will, you will “move the world”.

Charity event Proběhni.se raise funds for people from remote areas suffering from heart disease. If you are still wondering whether list and to help people in need, perhaps the wonderful story of Jiří Nýdl will help you in your decision. He underwent both heart and kidney transplants at once and confirmed that cardiovascular disease was no fun. Despite all his health problems, however, he has not lost the joy of life and is more devoted to sports than healthy people. However, he participated in several European and World Games. Read the story so you know what difficulties the people you will be fighting will face at Kunratický les on April 30.

How it all started

Already in the war, I had my first kidney biopsy, which looked terrible thirty-three years ago. After the war I was on minimal medication and partly on a diet, enjoying my teaching life to the fullest in which I thought I was full of strength, health and youth. That was a big mistake. When I returned from the mountains, I suspected that I saw very poorly from the Pyrinines in Bulgaria and Fagaras in Romania, I had a twinkle before my eyes and a constant weakness. I visited an ophthalmologist to prescribe my glasses, but instead of diopters I got something completely different: I was taken “quickly” to the ary at the Karlovy Vary hospital.

Since then, things have started to get worse. After two days, I underwent the first dialysis, which became a routine ritual. I didn’t want to believe it, I ignored this fact and I sought the help of all possible and impossible healers, needle “piercers”, incantators – but nothing helped me. I refused regular dialysis with “toenails”, but I did not run away from it. I spend up to 5 hours a week on it and I still can’t believe my health is so bad. I exercise, go to work regularly, to the community, to the mountains, to the bike and to nature. In short, I convinced myself I wasn’t sick and I never accepted it. After a year of dialysis, I went skiing with my school children, fellow gymnasts and my son to Switzerland, where I paid four months’ salary for dialysis. Fortunately, after this week, I met Lukáš, a doctor at the hospital in Homolka, Prague. He started working for dialysis sports and cultural activities, including their family. Lukáš was one of the first pioneers of sports activities among dialysis patients.

World Games’ first kidney transplant and representation

I was on dialysis for less than 8 years before a suitable kidney was found for transplant. After such a period of dialysis I became so used to it and resigned that I didn’t want another transplant and I was persuaded by a doctor Pilsen and my mother, to this day I thank them for that. The transplant was successful and then I met Tom and his Dialysis Club with Tom, who is a prominent figure in our representation of transplant and dialysis athletes. Here the motivation takes on a completely different dimension – the representation of the Czech Republic at the European and World Games. A new life begins, in addition to the vision of the national team – I swim, run half, ski and biathlon in the winter. I received my first silver medal in swimming in Hungary from Larry Hagman, then the protagonist of the American series Dallas and had a liver transplant. Hungary started a very sporting and socially successful period for me. I live it to the fullest, believe me.

Nothing lasts forever

After about thirteen years, I started to feel tired, short of breath and performance decreased rapidly. I was told at Pilsen that my heart ached and they wouldn’t let me go to the World Games for the first time. Again, without instructions, I can’t believe it. I increased the training dose to prove it wasn’t, don’t do it, believe me, I almost passed out. In the end, Tom sent me to IKEM in Prague, where they convinced me I was completely wrong. Not needing much persuasion then, I started to swell and water. From 78 kg, I soared to a record 125 kg and at that point I might not even be breathing. The diagnosis is relentless: cardiomyopathy. I inherited it from my father, who died at the age of forty, because at the time of his death, a transplant was not yet possible.

However, I was given the opportunity and I was included in the transplant program. But there is one problem, my medical condition is no longer related to a successful transplant. I have to get together. The doctors did the impossible, they stopped my kidney, which relieved my heart, which was working only 20%, and I went on dialysis again. I’m also on IVs, trying to move, keeping my lifestyle… I won’t tire you out, it will take a year of hard work to operate.

Heart and kidney transplant in one operation

It was decided to perform a heart and kidney transplant at the same time. Which represents a donor with both organs. I saw at least eight years waiting in front of me, and I was sweating. In contrast, in less than a year, a second heart and kidney transplant was successful. I still have to go back to Tom, my friend, who convinced me to trust the doctor and lead me to a successful transplant, but he was no longer lucky, after four kidney transplants, one liver, he didn’t see the last one. Tom, I’m so sorry. Thank you for everything you have done for me and others. Accept the silent memory.

I thought I had won. But so far only doctors have won, now I still have to win, over myself. I learned everything again – from brushing my teeth, using cutlery to walking and basic coordination. I was childlike, impossible, and clumsy. However, in the end, it worked and a year after the operation, I flew to the European Games in Sardinia, where I represented swimming, there were no great results, but success revived.

Successful return to life and sports

I regularly train with handicapped swimmers who take me among themselves, even though I don’t belong to them with my handicap at all. The covida epidemic took us to another race. However, I am currently preparing for the European Games in Oxford, and therefore for the World Games in Perth, Australia. From Sardinia, I’m not discouraged, I still managed to cross the Inn River from St. Moritz via Innsbruck to Passau by bike (670 km), then along the Danube via Passau and Vienna to Bratislava (500 km), along Zell am See, Carinthia, Great and Little Fatra, Low Tatras or with a son in Australia. I also ski every winter, both downhill and cross-country skiing, in our country and in the Alps. Then what again? My big dream is Peru – Huascarán and Pyramid Inn. I’m looking forward and preparing, maybe it will work next year.

I celebrated my fifth birthday with a new heart and kidney in March, and I still need a lot of celebrating to keep up with everything I have planned. What has helped me the most? Work, I’ve never stopped working – I taught and still teach physical education and philosophy at the Business Academy. Also a sport that I practice every day and during the epidemic, because if you want you will always find movement. It is also important not to get out of society, have fun and enjoy life, and most importantly not to shut down, not to regret it, in short, to live to the fullest! And do not forget that everything goes better with a smile!

Hi, Jirka

If you want to contribute to people with heart disease and get yourself checked out at the same time, run with an initial fee at www.probehni.se. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NF eské srdce. We walked on April 30th.

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