Jiřina Bohdalová’s poor health: She had problems with acting

Popular Czech actress Jiřina Bohdalová is currently struggling with health issues. At the end of last year, he sprained his back and ended up in the hospital. In order to fully recover, he canceled this year’s theatrical season. According to him, the actor must be fit.

Czech acting icon Jiřina Bohdalová must take a break. According to the doctors, he should devote himself entirely to rest and focus primarily on his health. “The doctors advised me to devote the remainder of the season to a full recovery.” Jiřina Bohdalová confides flash.

That’s why he had to cancel a planned show at the Theater on the Lake. He definitely won’t be returning to the stage for the next few weeks. “I also canceled the Gin Game event, where Milan Kňažek and I are supposed to play next Tuesday and Wednesday,” the actress confirmed.

He tried to put off the unpleasant decision as long as he could, but health came first. “For the sake of Honzo Hrušínský, Milan and the audience, I hoped until the last moment we would perform them, so that they would not carry me on their shoulders, but it’s fair to say that lately I don’t feel like I can perform 100%. An actor have to be fit,” says Jiřina Bohdalová, who has shown professionalism for decades.

The actress has been dealing with issues since last fall, when she ended up in the hospital with back pain, which was also accompanied by a bad bout of cold. “I believe that spring will send strength into my veins and I will see the audience again. I would like to continue, for example in the discussions,” added the legendary entertainer.

The management of the Na Jezerce Theater know about everything and wish their star a speedy recovery. “I spoke with Jiřina on Tuesday, I was happy to hear that and we agreed that the most important thing is her health. I assured her that Divadlo Na Jezerce will be waiting for her. I’m sure the audience will understand the seriousness of the situation and will also be waiting for their Bohdalka.” told theater director Jan Hrušínský.

Popular actress Jiřina Bohdalová ended up in the hospital. Watch the video (11/2022):

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