“Join us ! “, Emmanuel Macron calls for a “political overturn” eight days before the presidential election

Emmanuel Macron called for a “political overturn” for “everyone from social democracy to Gaullism, including environmentalists who do not [l’]not joined yet, to do so »

Macron greeted the LRM tenors in attendance, two five-year prime ministers from right, MM. Philippe and Castex, gave a standing ovation, and praised political excesses, arguing that“None of them are in [ses] side five years ago, and it’s reality”like “many ministers” join him after his victory.

“But we did. We have gone beyond »he said, welcoming lawmakers from both political shores, “from all walks of life” right and left, like MM. Castaner, Ferrand, from PS, and Mr. Bayrou, from the middle.

He is happy to have “creating a new political formation”, “comes from nowhere”, “convergence of so many desires. Some come from the left, from the center, from the right, from political ecology, from society”.

The presidential candidate thus launched calls to the right and to the left for “political offense”what she wants ” Continue ” to be implemented, because according to him it is not “difference removal” ; he “very nurturing the inspiration of everyone”. He continued:

This is why I call on everyone from social democracy to Gaullism, including environmentalists who have not yet joined us, to do so. Because from the start we have only one side: that is our country, our desire to act, to carry our values, but also will in the method, to listen more to the minority, to allow the minority to better understand. majority.

Emmanuel Macron thus defended his desire to drive in the next five years, if elected, “institutional reform” for the introduction of proportional representation in the National Assembly, “who imposes himself”. “I want a more representative Parliament, a more balanced power, a more recognized sovereignty of the people”she says.

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