Joking with newspapers for years

Over the years, BAdesKen has joked around and praised local Norwegian newspapers. In fall, a new TV concept based on the popular Instagram account will appear in the online newspaper Amedia.

Duo Ken André Ottesen, better known as BAdesKen, and comedian and screenwriter Paul Håvard Østby, who currently appears on Chat Noir’s Urbane tottinger show, will be creating a new web series for Amedia in the fall.

The concept is based on Ottesen’s Instagram account, where he daily presents small and big issues from the local media in Norway to a large following.

– Viewers can expect an entertaining, celebrity-free look in today’s Norway. We’ll highlight the good, the weird, and the funny newspaper stories about ordinary people who end up in unusual situations. No one will be voted for and no one will argue. There will be trip reports, awards, competitions and a lot of crap. The series is a benevolent slice of reality, as it is for most of us. It is from the people, with the people, for the people, said Ottesen.

Currently, much of Amedia’s video content is related to sports and is specific to subscribers. BAdesKen, on the other hand, will be ad-funded, and openly available with adverts. The series premiered in September.

Jostein Larsen Østring, executive vice president for news and subscriptions, is pleased to offer this content to all Amedia newspapers and partner newspapers.

– Ken André Ottesen’s flash shot has been discussed in many newsrooms at Amedia. Many of our newspapers think it is a great honor when he tackles the issue and the title himself, in addition to the fact that he has gained a large audience outside the newsroom, all over Norway. Now the newspaper will have the opportunity to publish a weekly broadcast for 14 weeks this fall, we look forward to it, said Østring.

Ottesen said it was only natural to expand BAdesKen to a TV format, and that in each episode they would cover the best of the week’s news in the local Norwegian newspapers.

– I had 18 happy years as a local newspaper journalist at the Amedia newspaper. I have a very close and strong relationship with the local newspaper, so it was only natural that we seek cooperation with the owner of the largest local newspaper in the country. In this series, we’ll show that Norway is not only the best country in the world, it’s also the funniest. Fortunately, there are many beautiful, ordinary and funny people in this country, says Ottesen.

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