Josef Alois Náhlovský was originally a teacher: Upon entering the screen, he became a hit


Josef Alois Náhlovský not spoil any entertainment

Josef Alois Náhlovský not spoil any entertainment

Czech television entertainment world hit hard. At the age of seventy-two, a popular comedian Josef Alois Náhlovsk died suddenly. In recent years, he appeared on the screen a little sporadic, but there are times when almost no television can do it without him. Josef Alois Náhlovsk has a brilliant sense of humor and the audience admired. Czech language teacher who graduated thus become a famous personal very quickly.

In the 1990s, television entertainment Republic reached its peak. Probably every television station regularly broadcasts various entertainment programs and shows, where viewers enjoy the famous face of Czech show business. Zuzana Bubílková, Petr Novotn, Karel íp and Josef Alois Náhlovský most often appear on screen. The latter was one of the most prominent faces of the 1990s, when she became an absolute star.

teacher graduated

Josef Alois Náhlovský was born on 15 December 1949. He studied Czech, history and worked as a teacher at the Purkyne University School of Evangelical Education. He has a great sense of humor, which of course everyone sees. He was soon joined by entertainer Petr Novotný and together they began working as a moderator for Fešáci music band.

He first appeared on television in the entertainment show Konkurs 80 in 1980. Subsequently, he formed a comic duo with his acting partner Josef Young and their duo became an absolute hit. They accompanied many shows together and the audience fell in love with their humor. Apart from Josef Mlad, he also collaborated, for example, with the aforementioned Karel íp.

Clear sense of humor

Josef Alois Náhlovský is capable of making fun of almost anything, and in his performances he mostly plays a clever fool, who, like the stupid character Honza, always manages to find the right solution to difficult situations.

But the entertainer is engaged not only in television production, but also in the production of books. As the author of a humorous theory about the fictional nation of the ancient Ore Mountains, he has also written a humorous book called The Ore Mountains Chronicle, which is based on his ideas from the ancient Ore Mountains. Josef Alois Náhlovský is a great man who can make even the biggest fool laugh, he was at the peak of his career in the 1990s, but he appeared on screens until 2018. On Wednesday, April 7, 2022, the sad news came. The legendary entertainer died suddenly after a brief serious illness.


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