Just push and cut your way. The Russians fought in Kreminna as in the First World War

The first two that were thrown here were mobilized for certain death. Like meat. If you break through, only then follow them to fight experienced soldiers, the invaders strategy near Kreminna is a Ukrainian platoon attack, only to remain anonymous.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the intensity of the fighting here was similar to that in Bakhmut, eighty kilometers away. The situation in Bachmut and Kreminn was very difficult and painful. Russia is using all available resources to make progress, the president said last week.

Kreminna is located in the Luhansk region about twenty kilometers northwest of Severodonetsk, only the Russians captured it in April after a brutal storm. The Ukrainian army again forced the enemy to retreat in the northwestern Kharkiv region and thus recaptured the city of Lyman in the Donsk region. Sweat began to press down at the entrance to Kreminn and Svatova. The Ukrainians were afraid of this, but they could not advance against the enemy.

The Russians fear that if they lose the Kremmin their entire line of defense will fall, Serhii Hajday of the Luhansk region wrote in Telegram, which they say they fear taking place near the city. Hajdaj indicated that if Kreminna was retaken by the Ukrainians they could quickly reconquer other towns in the region. After all, it was damaged to such an extent that it could not be armored, he added.

Situation on the battlefield near the city of Kreminna as of 2 January 2023

Rusov just pushed and tried to break through

Ukrainian troops stationed at the front in the Kreminn Europe Free Radio (RFE) said that Ukraine can maintain its position, but will not stop the flow. During the Kharkov offensive, the Russians were further distracted. They are common and there are many of them, said the soldier, but he would not reveal the names.

We fight with the help of brains, they with the help of mobs. It’s no secret that their (human) resources are better than ours, he added.

Photos from the fighting around Kreminna and Bakhmut may remind me of the trench wolves from the first world conflict, when the dogs advanced in waves in an open field and tried to break through enemy lines. According to Ukrainians, Rusov uses similar tactics even today.

Just push and cut your way. Many of them landed because they didn’t have a strategy. They go straight into the meat grinder. In some cases, they departed without armor or machine guns, another Ukrainian soldier told RFE on condition of anonymity.

According to the General Public Administration of Ukraine, Moscow drank another 720 million on the first day of the new year alone. According to him, Russia’s total losses since the end of the flow into Ukraine amounted to 107,440 troops. Rooks cannot be wrapped independently.

American Institute for the Study of Wolves at Analyst First last week they stated that in the Russian units fighting along the front line of the Kreminna-Svatov line, many were mobilized from the Moscow Region or the Russian 144th Motorized Infantry Division.

This combined troop grouping indicates that the Russian army is withdrawing troops from various towns to fill holes in the Svatove-Kremina line and thereby compensate for the continued degradation of conventional units, the agency said.

Russia has a lot of airstrikes, as RFE informed the Ukrainian military that the latest technology provided to Ukraine by NATO is different and more accurate. According to him, the Ukrainian army is now concentrated on Russian production lines that have been breached in settlements around Kreminna.

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