Katarzyna Sójka will live in the “presidential palace”? His family owns a large business

What do “Facts” find? It is known
Katarzyna Sojka is in a relationship with Krystian Aksamit – son of owner Ami. This is one of the largest poultry companies in Europe. According to Forbes, in 2018 the company had revenue of PLN 659 million and profits of PLN 71 million. This company specializes in the production of duck and goose meat.

The tabloid wrote that Katarzyna Sójka’s neighbors praised her family and assured her that she was a perfect fit. What’s more, the couple is about to move into a new house. Currently the Minister of Health lives in her parents-in-law’s house.

Katarzyna Sójka will live in the “White House”?

Although lawmaker Katarzyna Sójka’s property declaration indicates that she is not particularly wealthy, she actually lives on a luxury estate. He lives in a large house in Przedborów, owned by Marek and Irena Aksamski. They are the parents of Krystian Aksamski – husband or partner Sójka’s new minister did not disclose whether he formalized his relationship with Krystian Aksamski, “we read.

Next to the farm mentioned above, a new building is being built that resembles the White House, namely the residence of the president in the United States. One of the citizens told “Facts” that Katarzyna Sójka and her family will live in this “second presidential palace”.

“Every man, his version is different. I have heard that it will be a hotel, a sanatorium, and even joked that it is a PiS temple and Jarosław Kaczyński himself will come to open it,” a neighbor of the family told reporters.

Katarzyna Sójka, the new Health Minister

“Today is my first day as Minister of Health. The following days will focus on dialogue with patients, the medical profession and healthcare professionals. The patient’s well-being is most important to me, which is why we started working. ,” the new Health Minister Katarzyna Sójka wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

He also thanked his predecessor ministers
Adam Niedzielski for dedication and good management in situations during a global pandemic. He added that as the new minister, he intends to continue the important projects carried out by Minister Niedzielski.

“These projects will be followed by others related to increasing spending on healthcare. We have to strive for the best access to medicines and we have to make it as easy for patients to navigate our system as possible” – he informed.

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