Kent Ranum: – Not much to brag about

TRONDHEIM (Dagbladet): On Friday morning it became clear that the nomination committee had unanimously nominated Kent Ranum for first place on the Conservative Party list ahead of elections in Trondheim in 2023.

That same afternoon, he met the Trondheim press at Gåsaparken in Bakklandet.

– What makes you think you can beat Ap, when no one else has in 20 years?

– I didn’t do it, then. After all, it will be a party program that we plan in the fall and winter, which the entire Høyre team will complete…, Ranum told Dagbladet.

– To reiterate: What makes you think you are a good fit for the front line for the program, if so?

– I hope at least I’m the type of person who can gather enough right-wing people to get this across here – often enough, precise enough and clear enough – what we’re trying to achieve with our politics, which means that the city realizes we’re a party for everyone.

Carcass Shift Shift

Residents of Trondheim

In a poll conducted by Norstat for NRK and Newspaper address by July, Høyre and Ap were of equal measure – but there was still a long way to go before the bourgeois majority.

– Are there too few middle class people in Trondheim in terms of need?

– I don’t think so! But there is realism that the Conservative Party will never get 50 percent or more alone, he said of the possible bourgeois majority in Trondheim.

– What does it mean not the Ottervik you might meet?

– I do not know. We focus on ourselves and our own politics. I have an opinion on that, but I don’t have a chance to discuss it. Whether it’s Rita or the others, I think it will be a strong and worthy opponent.

MEET THE PRESS IN THE PARK: Ranum with Linda Helleland, parliamentary representative and member of the nomination committee.  Photo: Johannes Fjeld / Dagbladet

MEET THE PRESS IN THE PARK: Ranum with Linda Helleland, parliamentary representative and member of the nomination committee. Photo: Johannes Fjeld / Dagbladet
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– Absolutely not

The nomination committee dismissed group leader Ingrid Skjøtskift, who announced she would run for mayor last year.

Organizers called Ranum a “unifying candidate for mayor who, with his experience and knowledge of the townspeople and people, will create excitement and enthusiasm in Trondheim”.

– Why do you think you were chosen to support Skjøtskift?

– I accept the same reason as you have. I have no other thoughts about it, Ranum replied.

– Did you talk to him?

– No, I do not have.

When asked by Newspaper address about what his greatest political achievement was, Ranum replied:

– I may also not have many other achievements, but in politics there is nothing to be proud of.

What he’s most satisfied with, he says, is a decision he helped design on the city council — and finalized with SV. It was about the desire from Rosenborg to serve alcohol closer to the start of the game.

– That’s probably the only one. So I wouldn’t call it an achievement. It may not be an achievement, but at least it was a decision I helped design with, he told the paper.

Give up

Give up

Ready – for fall

Ranum explained to Dagbladet:

– Are you, with the experience at your disposal, equipped to meet the huge and complex challenges facing the municipality of Trondheim?

– I believe that I will definitely be able to next fall, at least. I have the ability to learn and absorb lessons, so do I. I have been on the city council for twelve years and followed suit. It was only now, because things were so different, that I had enough time to really “apply” and dedicate myself completely to politics.

Shortly after news that Ranum had been nominated as a mayoral candidate, it became clear that Labor’s Tore O. Sandvik would not be running for mayor again.

– I don’t have time to think about it that much. But I know Tore Sandvik well. He has made extraordinary efforts as district mayor, Ranum said.

Conservative leader Erna Solberg told Dagbladet in mid-month that she had faith in the Conservative mayor of Trondheim.

– But I know we will fight for it. And I know that we will be working closely with the other side a lot,” said Solberg.

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