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The next day, Klaveness managed to contemplate a speech that made “the whole world of football” turn a blind eye. In the post, the Norwegian football president took a firm stance against FIFA and Qatar’s allocation as a World Cup host nation – something that made World Cup manager Hassan Al Thawadi react.

The FIFA boss expressed his disappointment that Klaveness did not request a meeting or try to have a dialogue before the congress.

That made Klaveness retaliate.

You must respect the country you are in. We have read them all and are deeply involved in this case. That’s a false critique, we’ve read aloud. The fact that you have to talk to those concerned first – we’ve done this many times, and with ourselves. So wrong what he said he told NRK.

Are you afraid that speech could have a negative impact on cooperation with FIFA?

We were well aware of that before we promoted the message. The goal is not to let go of all the anchors that keep us from being able to influence. The goal is to be as clear as possible, but at the same time participate in important discussions. Now that message is flying in a different direction, some consider it a break between the NFF and FIFA, certainly not meant to be.

TALKED: Newly-elected NFF president Lise Klaveness comes in with strong criticism of FIFA.

Photo: Hassan Ammar / AP

Horny attention

Klaveness’s speech has been widely reported in a number of international media.

“Norwegian football manager raises outrage over criticism of FIFA, Qatar World Cup”, writes American Washington Postwhile English Independent give the following title to the case:

“Fifa scolded in a condemnation speech from the president of Norwegian football.”

The two media giants were just a few of those who paid attention to the speech of Norway’s newly elected football president at FIFA’s congress on Thursday. There he was unfriendly with the International Football Association World Cup award to Qatar.

– We can’t ignore calls for change. FIFA must act as a role model. The awarding of the World Cup took place in an unacceptable manner. Human rights, gender equality, democracy and football’s core values ​​- weren’t on the line-up until years later, he said during a post in less than six minutes.

– A woman shows where the border goes

Speeches have also been noticed in Germany. Football’s newly-elected president Bernd Neuendorf bragged about the speech, though he himself wanted to wait to take a stand.

– It is good that there is an opportunity to discuss it and he can say his opinion. This is a FIFA Congress, and everyone should be able to say what they want. I thought it was fine, he told NRK.

See the full speech here:

Magazine Glass thought Klaveness was interfering with the «Infantino Show».

At the FIFA congress in Doha, President Gianni Infantino once again praised World Cup host Qatar and avoided using the word “war” in connection with Ukraine. A woman showed him where the border went,” they wrote.

Rafto Foundation prize committee leader Martin Paulsen announced that Yanar Mohammed from Iraq has been awarded the 2016 Rafto Prize.

CHEERS THE SPEECH: Martin Paulsen, children’s coach at Trane and former chairman of the board of the Rafto Foundation.

Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB

– It was amazing. It was a very powerful speech, said Martin Paulsen, children’s coach at Trane and former chairman of the board of the Rafto Foundation.

He and the club were behind a proposal that the president of football should criticize FIFA in congress. It was elected through the football parliament earlier this year.

– To send our leading representative, the president of Norwegian football, to the podium, to say that these values ​​are absolutely inalienable for us, it has its own effect. This helps build football democracy, said Paulsen, who has now also been elected to the NFF’s ethics committee.

Criticism from World Cup boss

Klaveness’s speech was met with a standing ovation from the audience, but World Cup boss Hassan Al Thawadi was among those who reacted to the speech. He entered the podium and expressed his disappointment, somewhat Guard noticed.

“The World Cup bosses hit back after being criticized by the Norwegian Football Association”, reads the online edition of the newspaper.

Disagreements over the legacy after the World Cup in Qatar broke out during the FIFA congress on Thursday, and the president of the Norwegian Football Association called for stronger action, but only led the Qatar organizing committee leader to insist that he “read” on the issue”, they further wrote. .

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