Kremlin: Vladimir Putin will speak in Volgograd. First time in a month. Is he going to talk about “consequences”? | World News

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On Thursday, February 2, celebrations related to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad will take place in Volgograd. Preparations have been made for several days. Local media reported that roads were being cleared and potholes in the asphalt being patched at a rapid pace. The old and dilapidated building is covered with huge posters. All because he was supposed to show up in town Vladimir Putin.

President Russia is giving a speech at a gala concert. There is speculation whether Vladimir Putin announced something important. The New York Times, citing the Kremlin, stressed that it would be one of his longest public appearances since December.

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What will Putin say in Volgograd? The Kremlin discusses the consequences of the Russian bombing

The Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in the Soviet Union’s war against the Third Reich. This is a symbolic battle for Russia. “NYT” suggests that Vladimir Putin may have wanted to use this symbolism in his speech, portraying Ukraine as a modern-day Nazi (which is not true, this is one of the lies spread by Moscow), and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a defensive war. The same politician he will try to get citizens to support his war in Ukraine.

The proof is the words of Dmitry Peskov. On Wednesday, a Kremlin spokesman told reporters that Putin would hold a meeting to discuss the consequences of “bombing by Nazi formations from Ukraine” in the border region.

“NYT” recalled that during a meeting with veterans of World War II, which took place last month, the Russian leader announced that the Ukrainian government was continuing the legacy of the Nazis during the war. He later stated that “neo-Nazis have gained a foothold” in Kiev and should be punished for “crimes against the civilian population”. “It is important to record everything they are doing now, especially to civilians,” he said. This is also not true – it is part of the Russian propaganda narrative. In this way, Moscow justifies an unlawful attack on a sovereign state. In fact, it is Russia that attacks civilians in Ukraine. On Thursday morning, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the invaders had dropped missiles on Kramatorsk. At least three people were killed and 20 injured. There have been more such attacks since the start of the war.

Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS.Media: Jarosław Kaczyński paid a total of PLN 100,000. PLN to help Ukraine

Another problem for Putin: The West will supply tanks to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin gave his last major speech in September during celebrations related to the illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine. Since then, Russia has suffered a series of military defeats. Recall that in November the Ukrainian defenders recaptured Kherson from the Russians. The Russians also suffered heavy losses in the fierce battle at Bakhmut. Currently, Moscow is also facing announcements from the West regarding the supply of tanks to Ukraine.

“NYT” suggests that even so, Vladimir Putin may continue his narrative and urge Russia to support his actions.

Russian media have speculated that he may also announce a decision on whether the city’s old name will be restored and Volgograd will become Stalingrad again. The portal stated that there would be no changes because the Kremlin was against it.

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