Legendary star agent Raiola is in the hospital. He’s struggling to survive, the doctor said

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“I am deeply disturbed by phone calls from fake journalists speculating about the death of a man struggling to survive,” said doctor Alberto Zangrillo from the hospital in Milan, where Raiola was supposed to be lying. “He’s angry, but he’s not dead,” said his colleague José Fortes Rodriguez.

She loves Nedvěd, raises Zlatan

Raiola became the most famous football agent because of his eccentric moments. He is on the Forbes richest list, earned $85 million in 2020, and currently represents one of the biggest stars in world football, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Erling Haaland and Paul Pogba.

In Fogia, Italy, Mino Raiola met the Czech coach Zděnek Zeman, and it was thanks to this acquaintance that he managed to bring Pavel Nedvěd from Rome from Sparta to Lazio. The rest of “Grande Paola” in Italy is history, and Nedvěd also won the Golden Ball in 2003.

“Pavel Nedvěd was extreme. He thought he wasn’t good enough, so he trained more than the others. And then he made it further than the others,” recalled Raiol Nedvěd a year ago.

Blanenský goalkeeper Petr Nešetřil (shirted in green) pushed for a corner and scored a point for his team who drew 1:1 with Otrokovice.

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Raiola has a much wilder relationship with his other new client – Zlatan Ibrahimovice from Ajax to Juventus. “I really don’t know what kind of person I could expect. Maybe a man in a suit with a fine line and a big gold watch. And who’s coming? A man in jeans and a Nike t-shirt, where his navel is coiled. He looks exactly the wrong way.” one mobster from the Sopranos Family series,” Ibrahimovic recalled at the first meeting in his autobiography.

“And do you know what that arrogant bastard did? He put out four fours, which he scored from the Internet. There are many names and numbers on them, for example Christian Vieri: 27 games, 24 goals; Filippo Inzaghi: 25 games, 20 goals; David Trézéguet: 24 games, 20 goals… Finally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 25 games, 5 goals. Did you think I would be able to report you with stats like that?” Ibiolimovic described Raiol’s actions.

He thinks of players as friends

But in the end, he made Zlatan a first-class player. “Sell all the cars, expensive watches and focus on football. Do you want to be the best player in the world, or just to show off the most expensive things? “He gave him a life decision and made Pavel Nedvěd his role model.

Karim Benzema.

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Ibrahimovic was really listening, borrowed club Fiat Stillo and sported his trademark sportswear from his youth. And the result? Ibrahimovic won titles almost everywhere, he is one of the mainstays. “He considers players as friends, so he is interested not only in sport, but also in his personal life. That’s why he has made it this far,” said another Czech, represented by Zdeněk Gryger, about Raiol.

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