Lendl and icy cold? Murray dispelled the myth. He will give all his gifts to Ukrainian children

Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl. The famous tennis collaboration returns to the stage for the third time in ten years. Mainly because of Wimbledon, where the two-time champion may want to end his career with dignity in June.

2012. Andy Murray is twenty-four years old. He made it to the final of the grand slam tournament three times, but he repeatedly failed in the biggest matches. It stays just below the top.

So he joined Ivan Lendl. One of the biggest icons in the tennis world, who, however, also had to fight his way to a winning aura through several painful defeats.

Lendl lost the first four finals at the Big Four tournament and in 1984 was one step away from another traumatic loss at Roland Garros in Paris.

Against John McEnroe, however, he went from 0 to 2 into a set, breaking a growing mental barrier and, by winning his first grand slam, starting the road to sporting immortality. In the years that followed, he won another seven Big Four tournaments, spending 270 weeks at the top of the world rankings.

“Ivan’s influence on the game is undeniable. It will give me experience and knowledge that few people in the world have. Especially when it comes to grand slams,” a young Murray announced Lendl’s surprising involvement in early 2012.

The first opportunity came at Wimbledon in the same year. In the final against Roger Federer, Murray took the lead, but fell again and equalized Lendl late.

However, he recovered quickly with the Czech-American coach by his side and within months he was already celebrating in New York. In an unforgettable final in five sets, he pushed Novak Djokovic.

The following season, he added to the dream of a Wimbledon victory, and Lendl could soon retire.

They met again in June 2016. In front of Wimbledon. The strength of their union took Murray to another Grand Slam, his third and (so far) last.

Now the Glasgow native has announced another reunion. He was due to start working with Lendl at the end of March, and since the “man with the artificial hip” was planning to miss the clay season, the purpose of the partnership was clear. Murray, 34, misses a dignified farewell to Wimbledon.

Although the 88th player in the current rankings himself would not comment on goals for the remainder of the season, he refuted one of the myths circulating about the Lendl mystery in the sporting world in recent decades.

“Ivan is considered someone who is very strong mentally. He doesn’t show much emotion on the pitch. But he told me that he used to be very nervous. He told me that he vomited several times before important games. But people always looked at him and believed him. . he’s really calm. , “explained Murray.

The British tennis player will not receive any financial rewards in his final season. Each, he will send all of them to help war-torn Ukraine, he announced on Tuesday.

“I will put all my prize money into the fund for the remainder of the season. More than 7.5 million children are at risk due to the escalating conflict,” said the father of four and UNICEF children’s fund ambassador. It works to provide access to education for refugee children and also supports the restoration of damaged schools.

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