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Data storage and recording

By visiting this website, some technical data about your internet connection and browser is stored. This data can be categorized as follows:

  • Cookies in your browser
  • Technical info on the server
  • User information in database

Information cookies

This website uses cookies to improve functionality and user experience.

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technical info

When you visit a website, the web server will record some technical information such as your IP address, which browser you are using and the time each time you request data from the server i.e. when you click an internal link and load a new website or related data such as font , images, various scripts required for the website to work.

This data is only stored for a certain period of time to perform troubleshooting and error correction in the system, and is never shared with newspaper employees or third parties.

User information

We store some information about you as a user. No sensitive information is stored on this website, but simple contact information that you provide when creating a user account or purchasing services in the online newspaper will be stored in our database. This is required to be able to provide services to you. This data is deleted when you delete your user account.

About whom do we store data?

Regular visitors/readers:

If you visit this website without registering a user account or subscribing, the following data about you is stored:

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Logged in users and customers:

If you choose to create a user account and/or subscribe to the online newspaper, the following information will also be stored about you:

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NB: After data is deleted, it can still be stored for up to 180 days in a backup. Backups are stored with high security and restricted access, and are required to be able to perform troubleshooting and ensure the safety of users and computer systems.

General terms

The following general conditions apply if you have created user accounts and/or subscriptions:

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Your rights:

As a user of this website, you may contact the newspaper to have your data released and/or deleted.

If you have a user account/subscription, you can go to the user profile and download saved data, and delete the user account and related data at any time.

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If you press REJECT, no cookies will be stored in your browser and no data about you will be recorded in our database. It also means we can’t know whether you’ve agreed or not, so you’ll see this warning on every page you visit. Technical information (web server logs) will still store your IP address and browser information, but these will continue to be deleted as described above.

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