Lex Tusk is signed by Andrzej Duda. There was a reaction from the head of the PO

“That’s my decision.” I believe this will apply the postulate of transparency in public life, which is so important to me, in the best possible way. People have the right to know – said the president.

“Mr. President, I invite you for a public consultation on June 4th. We will be well heard and seen from the windows of your palace. Will you come?” – wrote the KO chief.

Donald Tusk invites you to the parade on June 4th. “I need no consolation”

In the entry, Donald Tusk refers to a planned march for June 4, which he called for in mid-April.

“Thank you for your support, but I need no consolation, only your determination and belief in victory. I call on everyone to march at noon on June 4 in Warsaw. Against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and democracy.” , European Poland,” wrote the politician.

The date of the parade is symbolic. June 4 this year falls on a Sunday. Then we will celebrate the 34th anniversary of the first partially free elections for the Sejm and Senate since the outbreak of World War II. They are setting the groundwork for the June election round table talks. It was Solidarity’s victory over the communist authorities. Representatives of the communist authorities of the Polish People’s Republic guaranteed the ruling “coalition” at least 299 seats, that is 65 percent, in the Sejm. As a result, 460 deputies of the Sejm and 100 senators were elected.

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What did Lex Tusk introduce?

  1. The Commission will have investigative powers, i.e. prosecutorial powers, as well as prosecutorial and judicial powers – ultimately depriving a person of the right to perform public functions related to the management of public funds, for up to 10 years. The KPK can hit anyone, not just politicians;
  2. It can remove one’s “perfect character” attribute, which is required e.g. from the judges;
  3. The Commission can request all documents from all agencies, including court files or sensitive data;
  4. If someone does not show up before the commission, the first time they face a fine of up to 20,000. zloty. For the second failure to appear, the penalty is up to 50,000. zloty;
  5. All findings, i.e. the commission’s documents, will be kept confidential – even if the quasi-meetings and decisions have been made public;
  6. The committee can summon anyone (according to the draft, the committee will consist of nine members who are appointed and dismissed by the Sejm. The opposition has announced that it will not participate in its work);
  7. The Commission will be able to free the witnesses who testified before it from state secrecy. There will be one exception – the priests will be able to cover themselves with confessional secrets;
  8. All members of the commission for their actions within its framework will not bear any responsibility, they will not be punished in any way;
  9. The law on creating committees violates several, if not more than a dozen, provisions of the Constitution, EU law and international law.

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