Lise Klaveness elected as new president of the Norwegian Football Association

Klaveness is a candidate for the nomination committee, and on Sunday she officially became the first female football president in Norwegian football history. He received a standing ovation from the collective football thing.

66-year-old Terje Svendsen is not running for re-election after six years in office, and in December Klaveness was nominated for the new president. At the time, the chairman of the nomination committee, Torleiv Sandvik, called the election a «time signing in Norwegian football».

Klaveness has been an elite director of the Norwegian Football Association since 2018 and has a law degree. The former national team profile includes, among others, working as an assistant referee at the Oslo District Court and being a special adviser to Norges Bank in addition to his football career.

The 40-year-old played a total of 73 A-national matches for Norway in his landmark career as a player. He represented Sandviken, Bjørnar, Athene Moss, Asker, Ume and Stabæk at club level.


The chairman of the NFF nominations committee explained that Klaveness is the best profile one can find as president of football.

– We’ve had a male president for 102 years, and we wanted to see an alternative female president early on. “I must stress that we had very good input on people who could fill the role of president in a good way, but we got a candidate who we thought would be the best profile of the times we live in,” said Sandvik.

Leif Verland, CEO of Norsk Toppfotball, was delighted with the election.

– He’s really good at making everyone work in the same direction. And he understands that top football is an elite sport. The dream of winning and a top club in the Champions League can come true with Lise as president, he told NTB.

Increase the president’s salary

Klaveness’ salary as president has been a topic of conversation in parliament football. The NFF should increase the compensation to the president of football so he doesn’t significantly deduct his salary from his job as an elite director of the association.

– We find it utterly unreasonable that a candidate from our own organization should suffer huge financial losses over four years by accepting something he did not apply for or wanted to take, committee chair Sandvik said earlier this week.

The proposed budget for 2022, which was adopted by parliament unanimously, stipulates that the president’s remuneration should be in intervals of 12 to 17 times the base amount in the National Insurance Scheme.

Klaveness receives a salary of NOK 1,672,000, about 16G, in addition to a car allowance of up to NOK 200,000.

He stepped down from his position as elite director on Friday this week and will soon start as president of football.

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