LO will not reverse court reform – VG

Both the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party wanted to reverse judicial reform, but the LO refused to change the general structure of the courts.

The LO will not support a general reversal of the court structure. It appears in the employee organization consulting statement.


In its statement, LO wrote that there were differences of opinion among the members, but that the route of travel was an element that the local shopkeeper emphasized. Right 24.

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions wrote that for a number of district courts and land subdivision courts it was “stated that flexibility has increased”, and that reforms have resulted in better use of resources for employees and users.

The government decided in Hurdal’s platform for a plan to reverse court reform. Among the actors critical of the reversal are the Supreme Court, the state’s six attorneys, the Judges’ Association, the Bar Association, the Children’s Ombudsman and the co-crime leader.

In early April, Norwegian Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) came out at VG and argued for reversing judicial reform. Among other things, he reported that he thought one should listen to the experts in Oslo less, and listen more to “ordinary people”.

Now the LO says that they don’t support reversals.

They wrote, among other things, that they believed that in some parts of the country, with short and easy travel routes, distribution of cases to all parties would be easier.

“For most of these jurisdictions, the LO sees no need to reintroduce its former structure,” the LO wrote.

The judicial reform takes effect on May 1, 2021. This means that the number of district courts will be reduced from 60 to 23, and the number of probate courts from 34 to 19, but the number of courts will be retained. The consultation deadline ends on Tuesday next week.

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