Macron is considering integrating proposals from Jadot and Mélenchon into his program

marine le pen will not leave the paris agreement

Marine Le Pen assured Wednesday that he won’t “get out of the Paris deal” on climate if elected on April 24th, highlight but the climate crisis is “not a priority” of its foreign policy.

“I will not leave the Paris agreement. I do support the orientation of this agreement, because I want to abandon as much fossil fuels as possible in favor of civilian nuclear power”, he said during a presentation of his diplomatic goals. , as reported by AFP.

He said he wanted to support “especially small island nations, including those in the Indian Ocean”, adding that he was not only thinking about “the climate crisis but only ad hoc assistance in case of hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters”.

“International environmental issues are basically not going to be the alpha and omega of my foreign policy and I think cooperation in this field can be bilateral or cross-border,” he said.

He said he was more “for efficiency and flexibility”, criticizing the “major declarations on alleged major global issues and international postures” of organizations such as the IPCC, or COP21 whose 2015 president Laurent Fabius, he said, was “a kind of teacher”.

For her, “French diplomacy must be oriented not to so-called major global feminist or environmental issues, but to the protection and promotion of French interests, whatever they may be in the world”.

The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming to +1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era. Without “rapid, radical and most often immediate” greenhouse gas emission reductions across all sectors, this would not be possible, even at +2°C, the IPCC said in its latest report.

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