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Marcin Ociepa revealed that the moment came when Jarosław Kaczyński left the government. The deputy prime minister and president of the Law and Justice party had announced earlier that he wanted to handle party affairs. – This is the decision of Jarosław Kaczyński, I understand that he will announce it. I will not inform about changes in government. Specific date does not fall. But contextually, it can be expected June – said Marcin Ociepa. The deputy minister of national defense believes that Jarosław Kaczyński has made a difficult political endeavor work in government which is the drafting of laws on the defense of the homeland.

Osiepa: Poland among the top three countries supporting Ukraine

– Poland is one of the leaders of countries that donate military equipment to Ukraine. We are in the top three, I think second place. The scale of this support is unprecedented – assures Marcin Osiepa.

Guest Jacek Gądek also responded to accusations that such generous Ukrainian war equipment would drain Polish troops. – If someone puts forward such an argument, I ask what the defense is for. This equipment is used against the aggressor, against the Russians. We have an obligation to donate equipment, the whole of Europe has an obligation to do so.

– More and more this war is turning into quasi-positional. There were no spectacular sieges, no military successes, but Russia was moving forward. (…) The fact that Russia suffered defeat in the first phase of the war is undeniable. Now Ukraine is an anti-Russian society. And Russia lost in the international arena – judging by the guests of the Morning Talk.

– Russians look wider. They want to show that opposing Moscow means destroying the country, destroying the economy. This is sufficient for what the aggressor wants to achieve – he added.

Ociepa on Germany: Many words, few deeds

– Germany has stated that they are ready to support Ukraine, but through a chain of exchanges. They will replenish resources in countries that have donated equipment to Ukraine – in turn, the deputy minister referred to the announcement of the German government. – There are many words, few deeds. Germany did not provide us with equipment. It was an initiative of the German government. I understand that this is a response to criticism from society and the international community. There are words, but no deeds – he emphasized.

– Nobody helped anyone. NATO accepts that we have to face Russia. If we don’t do this, Russia will go further – he said. He also added that Poland did not expect the latest combat equipment from Berlin, but tank The Leopard 1 from the 1960s will be a burden to our soldiers, not supporters. German assistance involved not only the strengthening of the army, but also the transfer of production slots, i.e., shorter waiting times for the production of military equipment.

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