Marek Menkiszak assesses Russia: The use of tactical nuclear weapons is Putin’s psychological argument – Super Express

Another guest on the “Super Express” special report, a live program lasting several hours dedicated to the anniversary of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, was Marek Menkiszak, an analyst and head of Team Russia at the Center for Eastern Studies. Tomasz Walczak, SE’s publicist, spoke with him. Menkiszak diagnoses the situation in Russia and explains why Putin is still in power.

SE Special Report “Year of War” is an augmented reality event

In the special issue report “Super Express” entitled “Years of War” on the first anniversary of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, SE journalists spoke with experts on the situation of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Europe and the world in the context of a full-scale armed conflict beyond our eastern borders. This program is broadcast live, in augmented reality, using the latest technology, allowing us to move with you to a besieged Ukrainian city. Another guest of the “Years of War” report is Marek Menkiszak, head of the Russian Team at the Center for Eastern Studies. Tomasz Walczak, SE journalist, spoke with him.

Marek Menkiszak as guest Tomasz Walczak in “The Year of War”

Tomasz Walczak asked about how Putin managed to maintain the Russian regime after a year of warwhich from the Russian point of view was a series of failures, as Putin assumed he would seize Kiev within 72 hours. Marek Menkiszak explains that the main secret is the escalation of repression and an atmosphere of fear.Immediately after the start of the invasion, there was a change in laws in Russia and a tightening of the penal code. Not only active resistance, such as street demonstrations or acts of sabotage, is severely punished, but even reposting critical comments or using the word “war”. causing the resistance reflex of minorities in Russian society to subside. The second reason for maintaining the Russian dictatorial regime is Russian passivity and great susceptibility to propaganda.This is propaganda practiced for years, on a grand scale, this is Russian brainwashing Menkiszak stressed.

Marek Menkiszak: Strong support for war among Russians is at the 20 percent level

Walczak shows that now Russia’s main enemy in this war is the West. Was this an attempt to generate enthusiasm similar to that during the Soviet Union’s war with Nazi Germany? Walczak believed that this enthusiasm among the elite was invisible. How about Marek Menkiszak? He points out that officially three-quarters of Russians support the war, but these figures are like those of a totalitarian state. – Hard support goes up to 20 percent. The Russians want victory for their army, but they don’t want to take this war personally – said the guest “War Years”. He points out that perhaps the Russian elite will soon start thinking about the costs of the war, which however are too high.

Will Putin Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

Will Putin Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? The “Years of War” guest emphasized that the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine is a psychological argument used by Putin to scare the world, but it is not a decision the Kremlin will take lightly. – This was the only argument Russia would have left if the war turned out to be a series of defeats. Russia wants to demobilize the West and intimidate Western society into limiting aid to Ukraine – said an expert from OSW.

Who is Marek Menkiszak?

Marek Menkiszak works as the head of the Russia Team at the Center for Eastern Studies. He is also a lecturer in Eastern European Studies at the University of Warsaw.

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