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While other parties will also appear at the 2022 Equality Parade in Warsaw, it is Marianna Schreiber’s presence that generates the greatest interest on social media. All because she is personally the wife of ukasz Schreiber – a minister in the government of Mateusz Morawiecki.

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2022 Equality Parade. Marianna Schreiber of “I’m sick of 2023” will have her own platform

The 2022 Equality Parade will pass through the streets of Warsaw on Saturday, June 25. Organizations and institutions will be given the opportunity to present themselves on their own platforms during this event, as every year. This year, one of the platforms was assigned to Marianna Schreiber and her party, “I’m sick of 2023”.

In addition, the third sector will include platforms: Nowa Lewica, Citizens of the Polish Republic, Greens, Homocommando and labels game Project CD computer system. On the other hand, activist Jan Piewak noted that one of the platforms was also awarded to “one of the largest patobanks in the world”.

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Marianna Schreiber apologizes for the entry from 2018. “Win from Kotaku…”

However, social media users are similar to Marianna Schreiber’s 2018 post. The woman later posted on Twitter a photo from the bus, which shows a woman with a rainbow bag. The photo was accompanied by the caption: “Won z Mojego Miasto…”.

This entry was published after Marianna Schreiber participated in the program “On The “TVN. Schreiber” model apologized for the post and explained that it was related to the alleged unpleasant situation that should have arisen at the 2018 Equality Parade. The political candidate said he was “persecuted” when he wanted to support the marchers.

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Minister ukasz Schreiber also referred to his wife’s words at the time. – This is a very sad case for me. My wife wrote it, she already apologized. I also express my regrets, especially regarding the woman in the photo – said the politician.

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