Mariupol. Russia does not agree with the evacuation of civilians. Putin even rejects Pope Francis | World News

The Ukrainian authorities constantly ask the leaders of other countries to react to Russia’s position regarding the organization of the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol. As Mykhailo Podolak comments, despite the talks, there has been no reaction from the Russian side. Russia does not want to make any concessions.

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Mariupol – a city in ruins

War in Ukraine. Russia attacked Azovstal – they knew there were civilians and children there

Mykhailo Podolak also pointed out that the Russian army tried to attack Azovstal even though there were civilians there. “Every day there are attacks with maximum use of all heavy artillery, planes to destroy the Azovstal. Russia understands that there are civilian children there, but they are still carrying out bombings” – we read on the website of the Ukrainian side Servant of the Nation.

War in Ukraine. Mariupol people must be saved

Podolak stressed that the Ukrainian government and world leaders did not stop trying to reach an agreement with Russia to save the people of Mariupol. “There are quite a number of brave people in the world, including political leaders, who are ready to carry out mediation missions in Mariupol. It means that we are going there, and dozens of world leaders are ready to side with us to bring the people. the world wants to help solve this. great humanitarian disaster “- said Podolak.

Surprising data from Mariupol. Russians across the city killed 20,000. people

According to Mariupol authorities, “Putin rejected Pope Francis’ request for the organization of a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol three times.” “The idea of ​​evacuating people on the Vatican aircraft carrier was even discussed. Negotiations were carried out via direct messages to Moscow” – we read on social media carried out by city authorities.

The Italian daily Il Messaggero reported that the request was made through the Vatican’s official diplomatic channels as well as through the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church. Each time, Vladimir Putin should have implied that Russia would not guarantee the safety of the evacuated civilians. The papal financier, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, was also involved in efforts to negotiate with the Kremlin.

War in Ukraine. The fate of many Mariupol residents is unknown

The main operator of Mariupol Television, Aleksander Ratuszny, made the documentary “MARIUPOL 2022”. During the siege of the city, he and his family moved to a school in Mariupol. There and make a film about the people hiding there. Currently, their fate is unknown.

War in Ukraine - MariupolMariupol. Pentagon on signs some Russians are leaving town

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