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Ukrainian military intelligence informs that on May 9, Russia wants to hold a victory parade in devastated Mariupol. The Day of the Soviet Victory in the Second World War, which falls on that day, is celebrated with great solemnity in Russia.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergey Kiriyenko, arrived in occupied Mariupol on Wednesday. He was most recently in charge of policy towards the occupied territories.

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The Russian occupation authorities are now intensively cleaning the streets of the center of Mariupol. The main Russian propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov, also came to the city.

– On May 9, Putin wants to brag about his success to Russia – said the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Vadym Denysenko. As he noted, it is very likely that on that day Putin will announce that he will join the Russian Federation Donetsk OblastLugansk and Kherson.

Victory Day in Mariupol with the participation of prisoners of war. “It’s going to be a weird show”

The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Adriushchenko, informed that Russia is holding about two thousand people in screening camps near the city. According to the mayor, the Russian military will force the prisoners to take part in the march.

“They lack Ukrainian prisoners to hold a big parade. It will be a very strange show with Mariupol residents wearing Ukrainian uniforms to create another propaganda image. The horror in which Mariupol plunges deeper every day and does not end” – added Petro Andriushchenko.

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Will Russia declare a major victory at the May 9 parade in Moscow?

Earlier, there was information that in the city of Tokmak in Zaporizhia Oblast, the Russian invaders began to sew uniforms of the Ukrainian armed forces. The report was confirmed by the operational command of the “Południe” group.

Russia. Prisoners of war will take part in the parade on Red Square?

The main Victory Day celebration will be held on Moscow’s Red Square. According to unofficial information, the Kremlin plans to pass more than 500 Ukrainian POWs through the streets of the Russian capital. Employees of the Federal Prison Service and FSB intelligence units have been assigned to “operational work” with the army from Ukraine.

Public performances of prisoners of war will take place “in front of a shocked audience and through the lens of a camera.” The purpose of such actions was to demonstrate the superiority of the Russian army, but also to try to suppress Ukraine’s desire to actively fight on the front lines.

The final decision on what the parade in Moscow will look like will be announced on May 6, three days before the planned Victory Day celebrations.

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