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The Norwegian superstar has not met the press since losing 3-1 to Lyon in the Champions League final.

Graham Hansen was devastated after the defeat. The next day, the 27-year-old apologized to his supporters via Instagram.

More than a week later, he also shared a photo of the wound between his toe and his bleeding shoe. Now, the 27-year-old admits he suffered the injury during the first round of the Champions League final.

DIFFERENT COLORS: Caroline Graham Hansen’s shoes from the finals.

Photo: @graham95 / Instagram

Think broken toe

– I got a stamp, and then I thought I had maximum bad luck because I didn’t get holes in shoes or socks, but cuts in the skin. I got a pretty deep wound. Then there were a few stitches, but luckily I’m fine now, Graham Hansen told NRK.

He admits that the injury affected him during the game.

– It happened in the first place, and it hurts. I think I broke my toe. You get affected when things like that happen. You’re not 100 percent when you’re running around with a deep cut in your leg. But there are things like that that happen, and you just have to live with them during combat. “With or without the cut, it’s not our final,” said the 27-year-old.

The national team star must face the semifinals and final of the Spanish Cup at the end of the season.

Graham Hansen, sting

IMPACT: Caroline Graham Hansen posted this photo of the leg.

Photo: @graham95 / Instagram

He described it as a “forced vacation”. At the same time, he has been given extra time to seek advantage and recharge for national team meetings.

– For me, it’s positive even though it’s awkward, said Graham Hansen.

Important preparation

Now he is ready for training and matches before the European Championship finals.

This week, Norway’s match into the European Championship kicks off, with Norway taking on Northern Ireland on 7 July. Next Saturday, New Zealand awaits Ullevaal.

12,000 tickets have already been sold here. The current record dates back to July 2000, when 15,762 spectators watched Norway beat the United States 2-1 at Ullevaal in dress rehearsal for the Sydney Olympics. By the way, it was Olympic gold.

Graham Hansen is hoping for a number record on Saturday.

– This will be very, very fun. I was at Ullevaal when Norway played Sweden. Hearing “Yes, we love” sung like that gave me goosebumps. “When we were in Bergen and played for 11,000 it gave me an incredible feeling I’ve never felt as a footballer,” said Graham Hansen.

After the New Zealand match, Norway continued on to the training camp in Denmark. On June 29, Denmark and Norway will meet for what will be a dress rehearsal for the opening European Championship against Northern Ireland.

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