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– I like taking nuclear power right outside the living room door, if that’s what it takes, Green Youth spokesman Tobias Stokkeland told NTB.

At this weekend’s MDG national meeting, he and Grønn Ungdom promoted the resolution “We need Norway’s nuclear power investment”. It said the MDGs should be involved in “investigations on the construction of modern state-owned nuclear power plants, both abroad and in Norway”.

Stokkeland has made no secret of the fact that the case is split.

– In the MDGs, you have the whole spectrum from those who believe nuclear power is the best in the world, to those who believe it is the worst, frankly, he said.

But the world needs more nuclear power if climate goals are to be achieved, the young politician said. He points out that this is also supported by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its much-discussed report on its 1.5-degree target from last year.

– Then I think we should do what we can for the world to produce more nuclear power. And I think we should consider building it in Norway.

Alternative suggestions

At the national meeting, Green Youth will face competition from alternative resolution proposals where the MDGs say no to nuclear power in Norway.

The MDGs would “not support studies or plans for nuclear power plants on Norwegian territory now”, the proposal reads. The alternative text of the resolution will be promoted by MDG deputy chairman Arild Hermstad, energy policy spokesman Einar Wilhelmsen and a number of other politicians.

– It would be a derailment to advocate for nuclear power in Norway now, Hermstad told NTB.

He believes there are two main reasons for this. One is that Norway does not have coal-fired power plants or gas-fired power plants that can be replaced by nuclear power plants. The other is that Norway has no expertise in nuclear power and therefore will have to spend a long time building competence if it is to be developed here.

According to Hermstad, Norway should instead prioritize green industries such as offshore wind, hydrogen and zero-emission ships.

– I’m afraid that if we bring in Norwegian nuclear power investment, then there will be another disruption which means that Norway will be left behind in the battle for green jobs.

Alternative proposals continue to provide support for nuclear power internationally.

Last year’s noise

The nuclear issue was also debated at the MDGs national meeting last year. There, for the first time, the MDGs provided principle support for nuclear power as a technology, and in the new party program it was stated that the MDGs “believe that modern nuclear power technology has an important role in the green shift”.

Hermstad said he thought most people at this year’s national meeting would respect the fact that this is a chosen MDG position, even though some are downright against nuclear power.

– Then I look forward to the debate. As I know the party, it will be a good and knowledge-based debate.

Among those who reacted negatively in 2021 was Truls Gulowsen, who today has taken over as leader of the Nature Conservation Association.

He called last year’s national assembly decision sad and without history. Today he stands firm in the opposition.

– I believe the climate and environmental movement’s most important task in energy policy is to ensure consumption reductions, and that the potential of ENØK is unleashed, is not to foster unrealistic ideas about theoretical nuclear power that will only help delay necessary action, Gulowsen wrote in an SMS to NTB.

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