Media City Bergen establishes international cooperation to combat false information

Project Origin’s Bruce MacCormack (left) and BBC’s Judy Parnall took MCB – here by boss Helge O. Svela – officially as members before Easter.

The media cluster will be part of Project Origin.

Media City Bergen (MCB) will be part of the international collaboration Project Origin, informed the Norwegian media cluster.

Project Origin is a collaboration between leading media and technology organizations that will work “to strengthen trust in media and fight false information”.

MCB CEO Helge O. Svela is looking forward to this collaboration.

Will be the new chairman of Media City Bergen

– It’s more important than ever to fight fake information and ensure that the public can trust the news they read and watch. We believe that Project Origin will be able to play an important role in this, said Svela.

Project Origin was started in 2018 by the BBC, in partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada, The New York Times, and Microsoft.

The collaborative project, among other things, develops technologies for fact-checking and secure image identification.

– Not all fakes are made with malicious intent. Much is made for humor, but the results can be just as bad. It’s now nearly impossible to tell a photo apart from something created with a generative AI like Midjourney, says Svela.

– I am glad that Medieklyngen, as part of Project Origin, will try to make a difference in a world that is flooded with fake images and videos, he added.

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