Meeting between Putin and Lukashenko. Political Scientist: There are words of warning, e.g. for Poland

For Putinincreasingly oriented toward the internal beneficiaries of its policies, it is important to point out that the big game is still on – he said, commenting on Monday’s talks in Minsk. The expert gave an example, during the meeting, the two dictators discussed military cooperation, in particular the preparation of Belarusian pilots to operate aircraft. with special combat unitswhat is she talking about Lukashenko.

The theses on the preparation of airmen for flights with special combat units suggest that these are nuclear weapons. I believe that these words are addressed not to Ukraine, but to PolandLithuania and Latvia, that is, countries FOR THIS he pointed.

“I don’t think Putin wants to force Lukashenko”

According to Mahda, Putin has no intention of persuading at this stage Lukashenko for the involvement of Belarusian troops in the war with Ukraine. I don’t think that Putin wants to force Lukashenko to order the Belarusian troops to fight. Because that wouldn’t be a surprise. This can only be done when Belarus there will be enough Russian troops – said the political scientist.

He assured that Ukraine prepare for a possible attack from Belarus. Ukraine is ready to repel a possible attack from Belarus. Ukraine is ready for it both technically and militarily – he pointed. If he took part in this assault soldier Belarus, this will be the beginning of the end for Lukashenka’s politics. Until this happens, Lukashenko has a chance to save himself after Russia and Putin’s defeat – Mahda said.

From Kiev Jarosław Junko

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