Mercedes to accelerate development of revolutionary battery for electric cars

Semiconductor batteries are billed as the batteries of the future, and many major automakers are working on the technology or at least plan to do so. Germany’s Mercedes-Benz has now joined them, thanks to a partnership with American company Factorial Energy.

The two companies plan to start testing the first prototype in 2022, with Mercedes looking to launch a small series of vehicles equipped with the new technology within five years. As part of this, Mercedes has made a massive investment in the United States, which according to the automaker’s head Markus Schäfer, amounts to tens of millions of dollars.

Factorial Energy is one of the leading American companies working on semiconductor technology and recently agreed to a partnership with the giant automotive conglomerate Stellantis. Management Factorial later claimed that the company had developed a semiconductor battery that has up to 50% longer range on a single charge than current lithium-ion batteries.

Semiconductor battery technology is based on the use of electrolytes made of solid materials, which will replace the liquid electrolytes currently used in batteries. The system can then use a higher energy density, which will help with higher range as well as faster charging. Among other things, Mercedes-Benz is also working on a special engine that will be designed for batteries with semiconductor technology.

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