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Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher narrowly lost in the 1998 season – after the last unfinished race in Suzuka, Japan, he finished second only to Mika Häkkinen, which was the first world title of his career.

Schumacher then drove a monopost Ferrari F300, which was equipped with a three-liter forked ten-cylinder marked 047D, which produced about 800 horsepower at somewhere over 17 thousand revolutions. This monopost was later added to a private collection and is now sold on the DuPont Registry. Its owner wants exactly $4.9 million for it, which is 113.46 million crowns.

Ferrari F300 by Michael Schumacher before auction in London in 2012 (Photo illustration)

Photo: PA Images, Reuters

It’s not clear which of the nine F300s were produced, but all photos listed in the ad contain the car with the number 3 on the nose. However, they are not contemporary, they are historical photographs showing Schumacher behind the wheel.

In the ad description we read that in this car he won the penultimate event of the season at the Nürburgring and won pole position at Suzuka. However, after the engine stopped in the early laps, it started from the last position.

“The first few rounds were really fun. The other pilots were fair and didn’t try to make my life uncomfortable. I didn’t expect the rear rubber to explode because I had a problem with the pads in the front rubber, which caused a lot of vibration,” the ad quoted Schumacher as saying at the time.

Michael Schumacher was involved in a skiing accident at the end of 2013 in which he seriously injured his brain. He has not appeared in public since, and information about his health is a closely guarded secret. According to a statement last year by Pier Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari’s son Schumacher is still alive for the Fox Sports website, but not communicating. According to Corinny’s wife, Schumacher was fighting at home.

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