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One player we won’t be seeing in a Chrobry Głogów shirt in the upcoming league season is Michał Ilków-Gołąb.

In the 2022/2023 season, Chrobry Głogów took a decent ninth place in the Fortuna 1. Liga. In 34 league matches, coach Marek Gołębiewski’s players collected 46 points (12 wins, 10 draws and 12 losses), with a goal difference of 44:53.

At the end of June, Michał Ilków-Gołąb and Oliver Praznovsky will leave the team, and their contracts will not be renewed. In addition, after the loan spell, Jakub Górski and Oskar Sewerzyński will return to Korona Kielce. Chrobry is also not taking advantage of a possible contract extension with 28-year-old Ukrainian striker Dmytro Bilonoh, while midfielders Dawid Hanc and Mateusz Ozimek are on the transfer list.

Veteran’s resignation

The oldest player to be “beaten” by Głogów’s team was 38 years old Michal Ilkow-Golab. – The time I spent here brought me many memories and they will live in me all the time – said on the official website of the club KS Łozina, who played at Chrobry for ten and a half seasons.

“There have been so many situations over the years that books could be written. These people … it’s great that thanks to the chainsaw game you can meet so many people. The great moment is when you get promoted to the first league. I remember before the promotion there were mood swings, nervousness. It all ended with celebrations in front of the stadium at midnight, where a group of supporters were waiting, and then in the square. It’s a great thing – said Michał Ilków-Gołąb.

Just like the start in the first league, when the results were different and the fans supported us to the maximum. Finally, our last moments and adventures with coach Djurdjevic were almost crowned with a historic success. I’ll keep this in mind, but it also provides a motivational boost for further goals. It is important to maintain unity. Loyalty among employees gave the opportunity for this project, namely the Chrobry Głogów club, to develop even faster. If everyone continues to contribute, I see an opportunity for further development.

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– And I? I feel there is a lot of fire and positive energy in me. There is a new challenge ahead of me, which I look at with optimism and the belief that I will do something with the same commitment as on the pitch. Not all goals are achieved, that’s why there is still a lot of motivation – added Michał Ilkó-Gołąb at the end.

Five control games

The Chrobry players will return to training on Friday, 23 June. As part of the preparations for the fall round of the Fortuna 1. Liga, the team from Głogów will play five friendlies. The first debate is scheduled for Saturday, July 1 in Opalenica, the opponent of coach Marek Gołębiewski’s accusations will be Korona Kielce. Then in line were: Odra Bytom Odrzański (July 5, in Głogów), Warta Poznań (July 8, in Grodzisk Wielkopolski), KKS 1925 Kalisz (July 12, in Głębie Lubin (July 15, in Lubin).

In the photo: Michał Ilków-Gołąb has been associated with Chrobry Głogów for over a decade.

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