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Neuropolitical scientist on new year in Polish politics: Even worse than last year

Professor Marek Migalski has been observing Polish politics for many years. He is a specialist in politics, and even a neuropolitical scientist, lecturer at the University of Silesia. He himself is in politics, so he knows it inside out. Few people remember, but in 2009 he was elected the 7th term MEP of the Law and Justice list in the constituency of Katowice. Now he carefully analyzes and evaluates the actions of the ruling party. In a recent interview for natemat.pl, he readily admits that the new year 2023 is coming in national politics will be worse than passing! – Everything indicated that it was even worse than the previous one. This will be an election year in which Poles will create a political hell for themselves. The stakes in this election are high and both parties know it. Neither the authorities nor the opposition will take prisoners. A campaign we have never seen before will unfold before our very eyes. It is necessary to mentally prepare for the fact that it will be very brutal – judged the neuropolitical scientist. In fact, he had a similar prediction about the brutality of the election campaign a few months ago other experts FIND OUT – CLICK HERE.

Parliamentary elections in 2023. That will be very important. Experts explain

Migalski admitted, next year’s election has special importance. In it, according to the expert, it will be decided “either we will become democracies again, or we will slide into autocracy. Are we going back to the venerable group of European Union nations, or are we going to drift towards a world of outcasts”. As he predicted, the opposition would gain power: – Time is working against those in power, as the economic crisis deepens. I predict that in 2023 the United Right will hand over power. PiS may even have the largest support of all the parties, but the combined support for the opposition forces will be even higher, so they will form a new government. Both Jarosław Kaczyński and the leaders of the democratic opposition knew this, the professor judged.


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Migalski learns of Kaczyński’s secret plan for 2023?! “President PiS is preparing…”

opinion Marek Migalski Kaczyński has a plan, namely he must know that he will lose the election and prepare the ground for new actions: – Jaroslaw Kaczyński knows that he will lose this election. The President of PiS is preparing his formation to move to the opposition: this explains his conflict with Ziobro, the attack on Germany and the seizure of money from the European Union, which I don’t think will be available before the elections, because it will wake up the weak ruling camp. Kaczyński wants to cut competition in the opposition at the next Sejm. PiS will be the sole subject of this far-right opposition – hence the bidding for radicalism with Solidarna Polska and Konfederacja. They should have run out of oxygen, he said in an interview. In the conversation, he also immediately judged: – While Jarosław Kaczyński already knew that he lost, most of his iron voters did not.

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