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Sweden has indeed awarded a record contract for this championship, of which the blue and yellow are among the favourites.

The Swedish number for participation and possible EC gold is much larger than the Norwegian one.

Where Sweden gives NOK 254,000 (261,000 Swedish kroner) to each player to participate, Norway’s amount is NOK 81,000.

The number increases gradually throughout the championship. If Sweden did everything and took the EC gold, the players would earn NOK 563,000 each – a total of NOK 12.9 million.

If Norway secures European Championship gold, each player will receive NOK 210,000 – a total of around NOK 5 million.

Ada Hegerberg and the national team celebrated their win over New Zealand at Ullevaal recently. But the numbers for possible European Championship gold are on a completely different level compared to Sweden.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Will increase status

The reason for the big difference lies in the distribution of UEFA’s money. Where Norway gives 25 per cent of UEFA revenue to the players, the Swedish federation in practice leaves everything to the playing squad.

This is what Swedish press manager Jens Anderson told NRK.

– Basically, all compensation that SvFF (Swedish Football Association) receives from UEFA goes directly to the players. “We hope, and will cooperate, that the bonuses will be even higher in the women’s championships going forward,” Andersson said.

According to him, it is natural that the Swedish squad gets a high bonus.

– We have one of the best national teams in the world, which has come a long way in the Olympics and the World Cup. We think it’s natural for the team to get a good bonus from him. Unfortunately, women’s football continues to be underestimated in the world of football. “We will do our part to elevate the status of the sport and respect for athletes,” Andersson said.

NFF President Kai-Erik Arstad.

Acting Secretary General Kai-Erik Arstad.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Guaranteed bonus increase

Norway’s agreement with a 25 per cent bonus scheme is part of a historic four-year agreement from 2017. The agreement ensures equal payments for the national team, and the men’s national team, among other things, gives part of its marketing revenue to women.

The agreement guarantees women NOK six million a year.

Acting Secretary General Kai-Erik Arstad at the NFF still admits that they have to look at the bonus scheme in the next agreement period.

When NRK highlighted the big difference from Sweden, he replied:

– Credit to Sweden for that. Compared to the girls of the Swedish national team, we are not satisfied that we get less. I’m on my way out of that they financed this through participation in the men’s championships. Now our agreement was part of a negotiated four year agreement, but it worked well behaved negotiations between Niso/players and the NFF, and the outcome will be clear in August. Therefore, there will be a larger portion and number of toilets next year, said Arstad.

– Significant improvements

EC 2021, as it is known, was moved to 2022, and thus the agreement also applies to this championship.

Is it relevant to renegotiate the percentage before the EC?

No, the player and Niso are already considering a deal, so it doesn’t matter, Arstad said.

– I I assume Niso and the players will negotiate now if the NFF wants it too?

Well, as long as the girls wanted more, they probably wouldn’t complain about it. But it’s also yearly budget process, and the budget for the year was adopted last year. Sweden has changed recently, and we will change too. I’m not sure how Sweden financed the participation itself. board, lodging, hotel, the trip and precamp in Denmark meant that after all there was a NOK six million fee just to participate, said Arstad, pointing out that the NFF was contributing financially beyond the funds raised. Becomes awarded by UEFA.

Niso manager Erlend Hanstveit stressed that the equal payment agreement guarantees a total of NOK 24 million for the women’s national team over four years. He is most concerned about the huge disparity in prize money for women and men from UEFA and FIFA.

One of the things we are working on is that 25 percent of the prize money is not enough. The goodwill of the NFF is great, but the room for maneuver when the prize money is like that, isn’t that great, Hanstveit told NRK.

The UEFA pot for EC for men last year was 371 million euros. For EC for women, the prize money is a total of 16 million euros, according to UEFA.

The European Championship bonus is subject to prior agreement, and we can call it bad luck considering, fortunately, there has been a tremendous development. But the big bias lies in the prize money from UEFA and FIFA. The oddity is that the ship is big and heavy to turn, said Hanstveit.

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