“Moi” on the wave of robberies in the Premier League: – Scary

ULLEVAAL STADION (VG) A wave of robberies has swept through the homes of Premier League stars. Mohamed Elyounoussi (27) considers this a worrying trend.

PL PROFESSIONAL: Mohamed Elyounoussi has been in good form for Southampton this season.

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Premier League stars live with privilege but at the same time live vulnerable. Protected, but still open.

Recently, a number of soccer players in Balløya were targeted for robbery in their own homes. Paul Pogba, João Cancelo, Fabinho and Victor Lindelöf are just some of the players who have had nightmares.

Southampton’s Mohamed Elyounoussi himself has avoided theft, but said one of his team-mates was visited by unauthorized persons.

– He doesn’t live far from me, the Norwegian national team player said at a press conference.

He did not say which player he was referring to, but in 2020 several media reported the break-in of Southampton striker Danny Ings. He was robbed by armed criminals, but was not home at the time.

– Scary, said “Moi” about trending questions from NRK.

Thefts often occur when players are out of the house, usually related to matches.

– We knew from before that we were vulnerable. People can know where we are at any time. The club is good at protecting us, and has people who often walk around and check the house – even when we’re not around, says Elyounoussi.

– It’s not good, especially if there are families and children who can be involved, he continued.

According to a spokesman for the security company, some players have hired specially trained guard dogs to guard the house. It writes Daily mail. In some cases, special forces are used to keep players and their families safe.

– We will have a meeting with the players in the coming days. If there’s one thing we as a club can do, of course we will. It’s a problem that has to be solved, said Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick after Lindelöf’s home was broken into.

Swedish wife, Maja, was alone at home with the children when a thief broke into the house.

Last week, Pogba was robbed, and the thieves brought with him, among other things, his gold medal from the World Cup.

stjerneback Manchester City Cancelo was at home when the robbery occurred. He tries to fight back, but ends up being attacked by a criminal gang.

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